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Do PPH Services Allow Private Bookies?

Do PPH Services Allow Private Bookies?Private bookies definitely utilize pay per head (PPH) services to run their businesses.

The days of running a bookie with Excel are long gone. Today, private bookies rely on PPH shops to provide the software, odds management, customer service and website development.

PPH services have no problem allowing private bookies as clients. In fact, that’s the entire point of a pay per head. The majority of local bookies are using a PPH to run their operation.

What Is a Private Bookie?

In case anyone reading this is wondering what a private is, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

A “private bookie” is a bookie that wants to remain private. Typically, they operate locally only, but with cryptocurrencies that’s not always the case anymore. However, private bookies don’t accept strangers as clients. They only deal with people they know and referrals from existing clients.



Since a private bookie typically knows his/her clients very well, they work on credit.

PPH software is great for working on credit. Private bookies can set the credit limits for every single player (varying limits based on the customer). Once the credit limit is reached, the client won’t be able to place anymore wagers. You don’t have to worry about tracking anything.


Why PPH Services Work Great for Private Bookies


This PPH service allows private bookies and is offering a free trial to all new sign-ups right now!


There are a number of reasons why private bookies use PPH services. A pay per head works great for bookmakers wanting to stay private, while providing his clientele the best sportsbook possible.

Here are some of the reasons why PPH services are loved by private bookies:

  • Anonymous: Bookies don’t need to submit personal details, which is ideal. To ensure you can remain anonymous, the majority of PPH services will accept payment by cryptocurrency now.
  • Accessibility: You want your clients to be able to bet when they want. PPH services provide a website to bookies, allowing their clients to sign-in and place bets on any open markets. The best feature is that your website will be accessible on all mobile phones and tablets.
  • Accountability: Private bookies often have clients that like to wager bigger amounts. You need a reliable pay per head that maintains sharp betting lines. The best PPH services will have odds managers in-house that utilize all relevant data 24/7 to keep your lines sharp.
  • More Money: Make more money using pay per head services. Not only will they help you get the best hold percentage out of your clients, but you’ll be able to earn extra income from the racebook and casino games, which include the latest live dealer games.

Pay per head services were built to service private bookies. Local bookies around the world use PPH services to run their business. All you need to do is source the clients. The pay per head will handle everything else. They do all of this for one low cost. Typically, prices start at $10/head per week.

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