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Detroit Casino Council Reached a Compromise with Penn and MGM

detroit casino councilThe Detroit Casino Council reached a compromise for a new deal with MGM Resorts and Penn Entertainment. However, the unions will continue their strikes that have been ongoing for over a month. They will stop the strikes after the ratification of the proposed contract.

According to casino software experts, the DCC, a negotiating group for five labor unions, has never been on strike.

DCC's new agreement offers the highest-ever pay rise to casino workers, including an 18% salary increase, no rise in healthcare expenses, workload reduction, employment safeguards, technological contract language, and better retirement benefits.

Unions such as the United Auto Workers (UAW), Unite Here Local 24, and Teamsters Local 1038 negotiated contracts for their members with these businesses. After agreeing to a three-year contract renewal in 2020, the negotiating committee pushed for and received yearly rises of 3 percent to keep pay up with inflation. According to sportsbook software reports, a DCC announcement claims that inflation in Detroit has increased by 20% since then.

Detroit Casino Council Reached a Compromise

Revenue from all forms of gambling, including iGaming and eSports, has increased to levels not seen since before the epidemic hit Detroit. The DCC estimates that the casino business in Detroit made $2.27 billion that same year.

According to figures from the state of Michigan, income at Detroit's brick-and-mortar casinos dropped to $1.2 billion in 2022, down $200 million from 2019, before the epidemic.

According to the negotiating committee, the strike may cost the operators $3.4 million per day, with the MGM Grand Detroit taking the biggest hit at $1.7 million. They are one of the preferred casinos in the state.

The arrangement is like the one negotiated earlier this month between Wynn Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, MGM, and the 40,000 Las Vegas hospitality workers.

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