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How Former Michael Jordan Teammates and Rivals Reacted to ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’

ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance,’ a 10-part documentary series about Michael Jordan and the 1998 Chicago Bulls provided an intimate look at the epic team. Many think that ‘The Last Dance’ was the best sports documentary ever made. Some of Michael Jordan’s former teammates and rivals shared their impressions.

BetOnline recently released a roundtable session with Horace Grant, Ron Harper, Bill Cartwright and Craig Hodges reacting to ‘The Last Dance.’ Called ‘The Final Dance’ and hosted by David Kaplan from SportsTalk Live and ESPN Chicago, it counters some of Jordan’s claims.

Five-time NBA champion Ron Harper shared that ‘The Last Dance’ was good, even though he wanted it to be more about what the Bulls did as a team. Harper also said: “I understand they gave the copyrights to MJ, so it was more like come fly with me...”


Four-time NBA champion Horace Grant refuted Michael Jordan’s claims about him being the main source of information for Sam Smith’s ‘The Jordan Rules’ book. Grant also said that a lot of the documentary wasn’t exactly accurate.

Cedric Maxwell, two-time NBA champion with the Celtics and 1981 NBA Finals MVP shared his impressions of ‘The Last Dance’ with Eduardo Solano from SBR Picks and AccuScore:

“Obviously, a good diversion for fans while no sports are being played. I can’t say I caught every episode but, from what I did see, it was a compelling story and one that many of my friends had been involved in.”

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