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NBA will not “jump in line” for Covid-19 vaccines, says Adam Silver

The last few days of 2020 have filled the world with hope, as both Pfizer and Moderna were able to release their Covid-19 vaccines to the public and start distributing to different countries, as the biggest effort so far to try to contain and, hopefully, eliminate the Coronavirus threat that has changed humanity during this whole year.

A total of ten countries were able to be ready to approve, receive and start vaccinating in the first few days; the United States was one of those, of course, as well as Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Chile, in America. The United Kingdom, China, Russia, and Israel were the other four.

As we can imagine, there are many procedures to follow now by these countries, as well as priorities, as for who gets the vaccine first. Older or high-risk people and health workers are an example of the ones who will be first in line.

With this in mind, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was emphatic and clear when he said that the NBA will not “jump in line” to get their players the vaccine, as they understand there are priorities that must be followed, and the league should not push to try to get any advantage, as there are millions of people who need it more.

Silver informed all teams that medical experts and the NBA are in agreement with the FDA in the fact that the new vaccines are “safe and effective”, and the league is already working on a plan and a timetable to vaccinate all players and staff, however, this plan will be “consistent with the timing and prioritization set by applicable public health guidelines”.

"It goes without saying that in no form or way will we jump the line," Silver said on a conference call with reporters. "We will wait our turn to get the vaccine. When you think about the logistical feat that now the federal and state governments are undertaking, where if every citizen ultimately requires two doses and with a population of over 300 million, it's beyond comprehension when you start to begin to think about the logistical challenges of transporting and distributing this vaccine."

NBA allowing a few exceptions

With this set and clear, the NBA is allowing a few exceptions, and team physicians and health-related personnel, as well as older staff members that could present some higher risk conditions will be vaccinated first.

Also, consistent with the role that the NBA has had over the years and very strongly in this 2020, the league and the NBAPA will be working on different campaigns during the next few weeks and months, to try to educate the public on the safety of the vaccines, and with this, try to have a little part in helping the government get the most people possible vaccinated.

This is definitely an example that the NBA is setting, for the other big leagues to follow and copy, or even help improve. The Covid-19 vaccine is probably the best news of the year, but now comes a lot of hard work and we all need to do our part.

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