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Are You Ready for Life After Football?


Are You Ready for Life After Football?
Are You Ready for Life After Football?

Football is undoubtedly the biggest wagering draw for online sportsbooks as well as local bookies. When the Super Bowl scoreboard clock showed 0:00 on Sunday, it was as if time had expired on the wagering season.


For those in the sports betting industry, the recent growth in wagering options should help fill the void. Over 20 states now allow gambling on sports either online, at casinos, or both. There is a wide variety of sports and other major events that active players can turn to.



Other Sports To Bet

The NBA is probably the most high-profile action taking place on a daily basis. With seven or eight games a night, there are plenty of opportunities for wagering. Whether it’s futures or game betting, it can help bridge the gap until baseball season.

Golf has become very popular, and PointsBet has even forged a relationship with NBC Sports. The online sportsbook is offering live betting, with coverage on one of Peacock’s streaming channels.

In addition to futures for an outright tournament win, a plethora of prop bets are available.

There is another month left in the college basketball regular season before conference tournaments and March Madness. It’s well-advised to get familiar with the top teams prior to the NCAA Tournament instead of betting blind.

It’s been a challenging season, and many traditional heavyweights are struggling in their efforts to qualify for the postseason.

Although not as popular in the United States, hockey is in full swing. The NHL also provides a lot of wagering opportunities with a similar number of games as the NBA. Betting the NHL puck line may take some time to become familiar with, but not so much for baseball bettors.

Another option is international soccer, which is increasing in popularity. There is never any shortage of action for a sport that never seems to have an offseason. The sheer volume of games and the high profile of its stars make soccer an easy sell.

PPH Services

Local bookies like the NFL particularly because of the high amount of interest in a limited number of games. They have an easier time booking enough action to balance their risk on games and rely on the juice.

The growing availability of Pay Per Head (PPH) sportsbooks for independent sports betting agents should help.

A PPH service gives bookies and their clients access to an online and mobile wagering experience. The user interface is just like what major providers William Hill, FanDuel and BetMGM offer their customers.

All major sports and betting types are available, with the PPH sportsbooks establishing opening lines and odds.

The advantage for the local bookie is that they can totally customize what their customers have access to. They can offer a limited number of sports or games but still have plenty of action for their clients to wager on. The bookie can change or adjust lines and set limits on their customers’ wagering activities.

The end of football season shouldn’t mean wagering has to halt until September. There are plenty of options, and those will just increase with baseball starting in April. Bring on March Madness!

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