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NASCAR Will Join Sports Betting with Guidelines

nascar bettingNASCAR officials appreciate the value of sports betting. The latest in gambling industry news is frequently about sports leagues addressing this topic. By 2019, they will be implementing their policy for betting. During the playoff of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series at Dover in Delaware, NASCAR President Steve Phelps spoke about this. He said that for 2019, they will be putting into place some rules about sports betting. Your top PPH sportsbook can guide you if you want to get into betting on NASCAR.

During the event, though, they had a tent set up where people could place bets on the races. For now, NASCAR will be reviewing and studying the betting trends and they will see how things will develop from that. The betting kiosk began last weekend at the Dover International Speedway. There, people placed bets on race winners, individual stage winners, and other categories. Not only were people placing bets on racing, but the kiosk also offered other professional sports events.

The Importance of Betting Guidelines for NASCAR

One of the things that will be covered by the guidelines, would be a policy on whether players or team members can place bets on NASCAR. Currently there are no rules on this, so they will need to address this. Policies relating to this can prevent anyone from accusing drivers or team members from fixing races or similar accusations.

And the rules are not there to solely protect. Rules regarding sports betting will be set in place to help adjust to the growing sports betting industry. The less conflict or issues on this industry, the easier it will be for people to bet on NASCAR. The interest in the sport could increase a lot due to sports betting action. This is not only for live audiences, but could also result in higher ratings. This means more profit for NASCAR since advertising could increase alongside the viewership.

While they are not expecting a significant increase in interest in racing in NASCAR, they do still hope to attract more interest, and to encourage sponsors, who will likely benefit from this as well.

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