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What are the 3-Major Horse Races?

What are the 3-Major Horse Races?There are all kinds of major horse racing events around the world that have become a big deal to horse racing fans and even more to bettors of the sport. Having said that, the biggest horse racing fans in the world know that there are three that dominate the landscape, “The Kentucky Derby”, “The Preakness Stakes”, and “The Belmont Stakes”. These three events are thought of as the crown jewel of horseracing and it simply doesn’t matter who you ask.

Anybody that knows anything about horse racing on any level, they will attest this to be the truth. The three mentioned events make up what is called the “Triple Crown”. The triple crown in horse racing is not impossible to achieve, but it’s indeed very difficult. Bettors bet on horse racing to the tunes of $Billions annually, and this is where you come in… As a bookie, are you prepared, and are you offering all that you can be to keep your players loyal?

How can a bookie keep horse bettors loyal? There is only one way to keep them loyal, offer them racing events every day of the year. Horse bettors are the best to have in any environment. No matter if the world is shut down due to COVID, or in the normal slow times of the offseason. Horse bettors are easily the most faithful bettors that you will ever have, and you need them, especially now.


How a Pay Per Head can help bookies:

  • · Local Bookies have been searching for the right formula for years and they are especially searching now. What you must-do if you are a local bookie is to offer what’s being bet on. How can you do this if you are not online? You can’t. Listen, you must have horse bettors because they bet every day. They bet every day and often, they bet all day. You need their revenue stream. Who wouldn’t want an extra $1,000 a day in revenue? You can easily obtain this number, but you must offer the venues. How can you do all of this? You are one guy operating a local bookie outfit. You can’t! This is very simple.
  • · Let’s suppose that you have a modest amount of players that would be regular bettors on horse racing if you were to offer it. How do you manage the traffic? You are one guy with one cell phone. Are you prepared to be on the phone all day, are you prepared to do the math that’s involved in horse racing odds and payouts? This is not an easy task; horse racing odds are complicated, and they change minute by minute.
  • · There is only one way to accomplish what you are seeking to accomplish; a pay per head. The pay per head does all of the above for you. They set all of the daily horse racing events from across North America and around the world. They also set all of the odds and they calculate all of the winnings for you. You will not have to do any of the math, and you do not have to be a horse racing expert.
  • · The pay per head is a three-headed monster. It offers you a fantastic sportsbook (sports will be back), it also offers you the very best in a virtual casino that offers hundreds of games and even live dealers. On top of it all, they offer you a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the world.
  • · What you get with a pay per head is the peace of mind knowing that you can be all things to your clients, and you can offer them something to gamble on in the worst of times. They will love you for offering something. They want to gamble, and they want to gamble with you.

Call the best PPH provider today and ask them for a free, custom-built website. Ask them for a trial offer and you will get it. The PPH providers are working with everybody right now and they are offering all kinds of fantastic deals. Find a reputable provider and make the call that will change the direction of 2020.

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