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Biden Wants a Native American Lacrosse Team in LA Olympics

native american lacrosse teamIt is not hard to imagine a Native American lacrosse team competing in the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028. The Haudenosaunee Nationals lacrosse team played under their flag during the World Lacrosse Championship. Also, they finished third behind the United States and Canada.

According to the best pay per head bookie, the Native American Tribe invented the sport. President Joe Biden hopes sports officials will allow the Haudenosaunee to represent themselves in the Summer Olympics.

However, a maze of Olympic laws stands in the way of this admirable proposal.

Native Americans from the United States and Canada formed the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and used sticks made of hickory and catgut to play lacrosse on open fields. Their attitude toward the game has always been exciting since they consider it a gift from their creator. This mentality helped the squad get through the tough years of fighting for a spot in the modern sport, which privileged high schools and colleges now dominate.

Native American Lacrosse Team in the Olympics

Due to the lack of recognition of the Confederacy as a sovereign entity, international tournaments declined to grant them entrance. Their opponents scolded them and made racial slurs.

It was critical to win the most recent world championships and gain the respect of the lacrosse community both on and off the field. Even more significant is the meaning behind the Olympic Games.

Imagine the International Olympic Committee as a firm determined to safeguard a significant source of revenue to grasp the challenges they encounter. According to bookie solutions experts, the Swiss-based organization tightly regulates nearly every facet of the Games.

Things become complicated from here on out. All athletes are required by the 109-page Olympic Charter to compete as members of a national team nominated by their respective Olympic Committees. Also, the NOC must represent a sovereign nation that the whole community recognizes as an autonomous entity. Additionally, every NOC must have representatives from at least five different sports.

According to sources, citizens of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy can try out for the United States or Canadian national teams. The question is whether their group satisfies the requirements of the Olympic Charter to field its team.

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