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Sportsbook Bets on Noah Lyles to Be the Next Usain Bolt

Sportsbook Bets on Noah Lyles to Be the Next Usain BoltIf someone wants to become the next Usain Bolt, he must have the speed and charisma to achieve it. Aside from being the fastest man on the planet, Bolt’s personality propelled him into international superstardom. Now that he retired, the track world is looking for its next superstar. One of the candidates is Noah Lyles.

His name might be unfamiliar to you, but Noah Lyles is fast becoming track’s next big time. At 21 years old, he is faster than Bolt in both the 100 meters and 200 meters at the same age. Also, he wears eye-catching socks and out-of-the-box victory celebrations. These factors will make him the next big star at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

He told pay per head sites that if people saw him having fun while winning medals, then he can inspire others to achieve their own dreams. In addition, he confessed fearing growing up when he was younger. He thought he needed to get a normal job. However, he outgrew that fear and now he gets paid running in a circle.


Noah Lyles Room to Grow

Majority of track athletes in the US follow the same routine. They run in college and become professional after. However, Lyles and his brother Josephus took on a different path. In fact, they know they have the running genes in them as both their parents were sprinters in college.

The Lyles brothers started early by running on their high school team. Josephus was a member of the US 4 x 400 relay during the 2014 junior world championships. During the same year, Noah represented the US at the 200 meters at the Youth Olympic Games. In 2016, Noah missed a spot on the team going to the Rio Olympics by 0.09 seconds.

The Lyles brothers knew they were faster than others at a young age. That’s’ why they gave up their scholarships to Florida and signed a deal with Adidas. They were the first runners to become pro straight out of high school according to a sportsbook pay per head review site.

The future is bright for Josephus and Noah Lyles. A sportsbook software expert said that both have what it takes to become the next big stars in track and field.

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