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Soccer Betting Management Tips for Big Bookie Profits

Top international soccer leagues have returned to play. It’s a good time for pay per head agents to introduce their players to the pitch.

Wagering on Soccer Has Returned

While the NBA, NHL, and MLB continue to hash out their restart plan details, the top soccer leagues in the world have gone back to the pitch.

The Bundesliga started the soccer resurgence. The German league began to play on May 16. About a month later, on June 11, La Liga got back onto the grass.

Serie A played the Italian Coppa Italia final on June 17. Napoli beat Juventus and won the trophy via penalty kicks, 4-2.

Even the English Premier League has returned. The EPL had its first two return matches on June 19. Tottenham and Manchester United drew 1-1. Southampton beat Norwich City 3-0.

For pay per head bookies, soccer's return is essential for two reasons.First, it shows U.S. sports leagues that they can come back from the coronavirus pandemic sports shutdown.

Second, soccer can provide sports betting action. Since the sports shutdown, bookies have relied on casinos and digital horse racing books.

Keep reading for everything bookies must know about betting on soccer. We add specific info on how to promote the top three leagues, the EPL, La Liga, and Serie A. 

Understand soccer wagering action

Most sportsbooks offer what we call the Asian handicap.

An Asian handicap makes it so that bettors either win or lose. It takes away a push option. There are also always two distinct outcomes for every Asian handicap bet. 

Players can also wager on soccer moneylines. Soccer offers three moneyline bets, one for each team, and one for a draw. Most bookies provide bets on soccer goal totals.

Make sure you understand the differences between soccer bets and bets on football and basketball. Many times, U.S. players confuse the Asian handicap with against the spread wagering.

The two are different. For you to explain the differences to your players, you must know how they’re different.

English Premier League attracts the most soccer betting action

Quick, what sports league provides the most action worldwide? If you said the English Premier League, you’re right.

EPL teams have fervent fan bases and play multiple games each week. That provides plenty of money making opportunities.

The English Premier League has the most popular club teams in the world outside of Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich.

Manchester United is worth more than any other sports franchise in any different sports league. Man U is like the New York Yankees of soccer.

Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal are the three other most popular teams in the EPL. Bookies can gain revenue by promoting EPL matches.

Make sure to promote a team with some name recognition like Man City, Man U, or Pool.

Messi plays for Barcelona in La Liga

The one thing to remember about Spanish La Liga is that the greatest soccer player in history laces on his cleats for top squad Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the most famous club teams in the world. Messi has won six Ballon d’Or trophies, the most of any La Liga player in history.

He’s scored an incredible 451 goals for Barca. Messi is the most popular sports star on the planet.

He’s the LeBron James of soccer. The best way to get players interested in wagering on La Liga games is to name drop Lionel Messi.

The other two popular teams in La Liga are Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. As of June 23, the La Liga standings show Barcelona and Real Madrid tied.

Atletico has had a down year. But, their fans are as passionate as those who follow Barca and Real. Promote bets on soccer whenever Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Atletico are in action. 

Name drop Ronaldo when promoting Juventus betting options

If the name Ronaldo sounds familiar to you, there's a reason why. The great Ronaldo is the second most famous soccer player in the world.

Ronaldo played in La Liga for Real Madrid. His rivalry with Messi was second to none.

But Ronaldo decided he required a change of scenery. In 2018, Italian Serie A power Juventus acquired Ronaldo.

Since then, Juvy has become one of the most popular teams in the world. Other popular Serie A squads are AC Milan, Internazionale, also called Inter Milan, and Napoli. sportsbook agents can offer their players bets on soccer for free

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