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How to get a Winning March Madness Bracket

March Madness Bracket StrategiesIt’s almost March Madness time and all over the country millions of NCAA March Madness brackets are about to get filled by office workers and college basketball fans.

The stakes are high with prizes ranging from a few hundred dollars to billions of dollars.

This is a time where people can show off their NCAA college basketball knowledge and claim the title of being the best of the best!

If you do not know much about a March Madness bracket, check out this thorough March Madness Tutorial.

They are many ways to fill a bracket based on favorite team, colors, mascots, statistics and more but these strategies will help you get a leg up on the competition.


History repeats itself and for anyone that has ever been around to watch more than a few college basketball tournaments, you will have noticed by now that the top seeded teams in the tournament are the top-seeded teams because they are better than the others!

So when you fill out that bracket, keep this in mind, upsets rarely happen. Since 1985, a #16 seed has never beaten a #1 seed and a 15th seed has only beaten the #2 seed 6 times out of 108 tries.

In short, pick the #1 and #2 seed to move past 1st Round as a lock. In most cases the #3 seed will advance to the 2nd round but they are more prone for an upset.

Picking a Cinderella Story Team

Every year a few lower seeded teams manage to beat a higher seeded team. If you are going to look for an upset, take a look at the #12 seed beating a higher seeded team like the #5 or 6th seed.

Historically, in the past 29 years, the #12 seed has won 34.5% of their total game.

Just make sure that you pick a hot #12 team. Pay Attention to the Sportsbooks Odds

Your sportsbook may not something that you don’t.

The odds a college basketball game does not always have the higher-seed as the favorite to win. So do yourself a favor and check your bookies odds before you make those picks.

Keep Track of Injuries and Suspensions

Like any good sports bettor, injuries and suspensions will make a difference in the game.

Not all of the Top-Seeded Teams make it to the Final Four

This is a basic rookie mistake where they pick all of the top-teams for a win. The truth is that in the past 29 years, only once have all four top-seeded teams all made it to the Final Four.

So keep that in mind as you fill out your bracket. The odds are that one of these teams will not make it.

Get Multiple March Madness Brackets

This one is a no brainer if your pool allows it. Sometimes it only takes a few bad picks to turn a winning bracket into a loser. Increase your chances by getting multiple brackets.

The Home Team is May be Worth a Few Points

When it comes down to it, they don’t call it home court advantage for no reason. If you have a 14 and 15th seed match-up, the home team may have the advantage.

We hope you enjoy these winning March Madness Strategies that are proven to get you that big pool prize!

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