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How to Calculate RPI in College Basketball

calculate rpiRPI is something that players talk about when betting on NCAA basketball games. It stands for Rating Percentage Index. However, not a lot of people know how to calculate RPI. Our NCAA basketball betting tutorial will provide you with the formula for RPI and why you should know about it.

Players and bookies use RPI to determine if the team will be part of the NCAA tournament and seeded in the tournament. Although the RPI doesn't act as a tiebreaker, it is significant when betting on college basketball games.

How to Calculate RPI

RPI can determine the team's winning percentage. Its formula is:

RPI = (WP*0.25) + (OWP*0.50) + (OOWP*0.25)


WP is the team's winning percentage, OWP is the opponent's winning percentage, and OOWP is the opponent's opponents.

In NCAA basketball, they adjusted the formula to account for the wins on the road. The team's winning percentage at home is only 0.6 wins. However, wins on the road count as 1.4 wins. Wins at neutral sites are unaffected. You consider the factors only in WP and not in OWP and OOWP. Also, pre game odds platform only considers games against other Division 1 colleges.

According to bookie tutorials, players can calculate RPIs. However, it is a complicated process. Also, there's no need to do so because it is available on sports betting websites. In some cases, they are updated regularly.

The RPI shows the combined winning percentage. You can use it to rank teams in Division 1. In addition, it can tell how a team is performing compared to other teams in the division. For example, a team with an RPI rank of 12 is better than a team at 250.

Also, you can use the RPI rank when betting on NCAA basketball games. First, however, make sure you check which conference the team belongs to. Next, you should review a team's stats with a high RPI rank from an obscure conference. They might have faced weaker opponents in the past.

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