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Betting on Golf: PGA Stats You Need to Know

pga statsThe 2022-23 PGA Tour started last September 12 with the Fortinet Championship at Napa, California. That means you can wager on golf every week. However, like any other sport, golf has vital stats that you need to be aware of. Thus, we have a guide to help you monitor PGA stats to improve your win rate when betting on golf.

If you have been watching or playing golf for a while, you probably know stats such as Fairways in Regulation and Greens in Regulation. Then there are stats for birdies made, putting averages, and more.

The best thing about PGA stats is that they are available on the PGA Tour website. You can find it on the stats tab. However, it can be overwhelming because many stats are available, including streaks, money/finishes, and points/rankings.

PGA Stats You Need to Know

GIR should be the first statistic you look at when placing bets on the PGA Tour. To qualify for GIR, the player must make their first shot on the hole with a handicap of at least -2 strokes from par. For example, on a par-3 hole, a golfer should be able to reach the green in two shots. After two strokes on a par four and three on a par 5, the golfer should stand on the green. And that, my friends, is all of GIR. Your golf ball is considered to be on the green if it touches the grass or the hole. Despite being an "old-school" statistic, broadcast announcers regularly use this fact.

Scrambling is still another option. After missing the green in GIR, the golfer executes a brilliant wedge shot or any other creative club-making to set up a birdie putt. Alternatively, the approach shot lands in the spectator area, and the golfer has to chip in from the rough. An expert in bookie pay per head claims that the ability to "scramble" from around the green without taking any extra strokes is crucial for players looking to win tournaments.

It would be best if you wagered on golf using a reputable sportsbook. You can find one reading sportsbook reviews. Also, you can ask your friends what they use for golf and soccer betting betting.

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