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Don't Get Disheartened When Losing

Don't Get Disheartened When LosingMany ardent sports fans get dispirited when their favorite players or teams lose games. This also happens to some gamblers who wager at real betting sites.

It is essential to understand that a game can end according to or against your prediction. Read on to learn why you should not get disheartened when losing wagers.


1.     Be Open-Minded and Expect Losses

All successful gamblers have lost bets in their careers. Thus, it is crucial to be open-minded and expect losses whenever you place a bet. Typically, there is a 50 percent possibility of losing and a 50 percent likelihood of winning wagers.

Some people struggle to move on when they fail, especially when gambling. It is wise to relax and analyze your losses rather than chase them.


Chasing losses is a bad decision as you are emotional and likely to make irrational betting decisions. You might increase your stake to recover your loss.

Still, you can win the following wagers and boost your confidence. Even so, you can still lose more bets. This might make you doubt your gambling prowess and result in more losses.

2.     Be Prudent While Handling Losing Streaks

Both amateurs and professional gamblers can analyze matches, but the major difference is their ability to handle long losing streaks. For instance, you will get annoyed if you lose a horse bet and try to recover your money by wagering on an upcoming race.

A skilled bettor will research what made them lose the bet before placing another one. They act based on logic rather than emotions. Still, they will want to recover their loss and plan carefully before they resume betting.

You won't get a warning that you are about to lose a specific wager. So, you need self-discipline. Take a short break to increase your confidence and avoid making rushed decisions.

For instance, it isn't necessary to change your gambling strategy if you only lost one out of six previous bets, as luck might not be on your side at times. Once your break has ended, and you are ready to continue betting, you can place small accumulators or single bets to increase your winning chances.


1.     Develop Financial Resilience

Sometimes, you can get in a dilemma on whether to quit gambling or resume betting and reduce your stakes. You need to be stable and have financial resilience. Avoid risking money that you aren't willing to lose.

Your bankroll determines the stakes you can place. For example, you can only place 20 bets if your budget is $10,000 and you want to stake $500 on each wager. You can reduce the stake to place more bets.

2.     Build Psychological and Physical Resilience

1.     Psychological Resilience

It is difficult to succeed in anything if you lack psychological resilience. This shows an individual's mental toughness and ability to handle stressful situations. According to a study that Martin Seligman, a knowledgeable American psychologist, did in the past, Optimistic people perform better than pessimistic individuals.

Optimistic gamblers tend to continue wagering to win as they are persistent. Yet, pessimistic bettors lose the determination and confidence to win.

2.     Physical Resilience

Losing many wagers simultaneously can strain your body, thus affecting your physical health. You will lack the zeal to focus when you aren't mentally and emotionally stable.

Besides, you might get moody due to a lack of energy. Hence, it is vital to relax mentally and physically when you lose any bet.

Everyone likes winning and dislikes making many big losses. Still, losses aren't fully avoidable in gambling.

So, they should not deter you from wagering on your team. Instead, you should find out what made you lose a bet and how you can avoid it in the future.


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