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How to Develop an eSports Sportsbook Betting Strategy

esports sportsbook betting strategyA winning eSports sportsbook betting strategy requires two components. The first one is that it should work. Next, you need to have the discipline to stick with the system no matter what the results are. Having a betting strategy will give you the advantage when betting on eSports events.

However, that doesn’t mean sticking to the strategy when it is not working for you. On the contrary, consistency implies adhering to your methodology, adjusting to circumstances, and continuously working on it. Whether you are wagering for profit or fun, you ought to focus on your system.

Developing an eSports Sportsbook Betting Strategy

The first thing you need to do is to choose an eSports game. Beginners should start with a single game. When playing DOTA or LOL, you usually choose a hero as your main. It is the same concept when wagering on eSports.

Ensure it is a game you know how to play. Like that, you can rapidly learn other significant viewpoints while wagering on it. Then, when you obtain steady outcomes at one game, execute a similar framework into the following one.

Second, you need to focus on a market. As a beginner, we recommend wagering on single-match winners. Once you are familiar with single matches, you can explore other markets, such as handicaps, parlays, and live in-game betting, to name a few.

We also recommend having a consistent staking system. It is the amount you wager each time you place a bet on an eSports event. According to sportsbook pay per head service experts, you can either wager a fixed amount, go all in each time, have a progressive betting system, or a personalized staking plan. As a beginner, we suggest having a fixed amount.

Lastly, look for wagering opportunities. There are many eSports events each week. We recommend signing up with various sportsbooks and comparing their odds. Keep in mind that sports betting is a low-margin business. Thus, having the advantage can help improve your chances of making profits.

That concludes our guide on eSports sportsbook betting strategy. Make sure you read our other sports betting tutorials to understand betting on eSports better.

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