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On the Gamblers Side Review – Blackmailing Sportsbooks

on the gamblers side sportsbook review websiteNot long after the online sportsbooks craze began everywhere on the internet, several websites began appearing on the internet to protect players from offshore sports betting institution, thus creating somewhat of a balance online.

The majority of these websites began as humble “sportsbook watchdogs” but as the years progressed and they began to take advertising money from various bookmakers, these sites became known as “sportsbook review” sites instead.

This is the story of “On the Gamblers Side”, which has been accused of Creating Stories to Blackmail Sportsbooks. is a website that has been getting a lot of heat lately in the sports betting world for creating exaggerated and sometimes fake news about sportsbooks in order to blackmail them into buying damage control insurance AKA “protection money”. blackmails sportsbooksDavid White, from OntheGAMBLERSside

Mr. White is one of the master-mind who thought he could make a quick buck by taking advantage of recreational sports bettors by creating a website with several news feeds to entice people to go to his website.

From there, he would write inaccurate and sometimes false sportsbook reviews telling people to stay away from these sportsbooks.

He would then contact these sportsbooks telling them that he can make the problem go away for a fee.

If the bookmaker paid, he would then tell people to join their sportsbooks where he would earn on top of the blackmail money, a commission from the player’s net losses.

This was first brought to our attention when one of our readers pointed out to us how “On the Gamblers Side” twisted several stories about issues that took place at a few sportsbooks like BetOwi and 1Vice.

The BetOwi story - A Biased judging that escalated a simple transaction

This story is so one sided that it is laughable. In his so called post about the complaint for BetOwi, it’s obvious that BetOwi was giving the “Customer” its payout and they clearly explained about the processor limits which in 99% of the time it is a true occurrence especially when dealing with Paypal since operators have to walk on eggshells with paypal considering their policy on gambling.

The only thing David White accomplish with his biased article is make the book angry with his threatening emails thus making things tougher from the player who was already on a payment program.

On the Gamblers Side Blackmails 1Vice

In the 1Vice complaint, this person Dave White who happens to be associated with “On the Gamblers Side” was obviously trying to rip off 1Vice asking for 1Vice to pay his $80 Western Union on a $300 transaction when Western Union does not, charge so much money for a $300 transaction.

The interesting part is that “On the Gamblers Side” decided to post it on their website before even talking to 1Vice about the matter first and looking at the chat conversation, its pretty obvious that the customer was at fault if he was not blatantly trying to rip them off.

In addition, we found out that he was creating the problem himself because he had signed up for a 1Vice account through the 1Vice affiliate program to try and double dip by getting money from the affiliate program commission as well as from the 1Vice gambler’s insurance. This is of course a clear violation of any affiliate program.

Thus On the Gamblers Side tried to blackmail 1Vice by getting them to pay to get them to have the story disappear while at the same time, agreeing to pay David White's bogus Western Union fees and a bonus!

Be Careful of Which Sportsbook Review Website You Trust

In conclusion, the majority of sportsbook review sites do take advertising money from sportsbooks and you can expect some sort of bias towards certain sportsbooks but for the most part, they do try to look at the legitimacy of most complaints. Websites like the OSGA, SBR and HandicappersHideaway have a lot of experience dealing with sportsbook the correct way, without escalating the situation.

Then you have websites like which blatantly blackmail sportsbooks which in turn has given us reputable sportsbook review websites a bad eye as it makes it seem like we only care about the money and not the truth of the matter.  This in turn, makes sportsbook have to create more rules to protect themselves from scammers as well as having to be suspicious of every new player which is bad for everyone in the industry.

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