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Easy Pay Per Head Review

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Years ago, we did our first review of Easy Pay Per Head, and this is what we had to say:

"Easy Pay Per Head is one of the youngest you will see in our sportsbook pay per head reviews, but with good reason. In the year that they have been in operation, they have amassed quite a lot of registration from bookies all over... Their premium bookie pay per head services are at par with some of the biggest names in the pay per head industry, and that is saying something. Their full portfolio of services is available at only $5 per head, which also makes them one of the most affordable in the market today."

And now, a few years later, we are revisiting the Easy Pay Per Head bookie software to see if they are still worth the raves we gave them. They are still in business after launching back in 2019. With 5 years of experience under their belt, have they improved their services? Are they still as easy to use, and do they offer bookie software that can compete with the latest bookie software we have been seeing in the market today? Let's take a look at Easy Pay Per Head and find out what they are offering their bookies nowadays. We have high hopes for this provider, so we are expecting to see good things from them.

Looking at their product offerings, we can see that their bookie software is actually pretty much complete in terms of the tools that bookies need. With them, bookies can create and customize their sportsbooks in minutes. They remain true to their name as a provider that can help you set up your sportsbook in minutes. But is the speedy process worth it? Is there more substance to their services than just being easy to use? These are the questions that we look forward to answering.

Of course, we are also quite intrigued to see how their software has evolved over the years. It is quite common for pay per head providers to become complacent and not update their software. Given how sports betting technology continues to change over the years, providers need to keep up and adjust. Otherwise, they become stagnant. And that means your sportsbook will become stagnant too. We hope that Easy Pay Per Head does not fall into that category.


 easymainInception: 2019

Price: $5 per player, but rates can go down as low as $2 per player

Services: Sportsbook pay per head

Products: sports betting platform, live betting, pre game lines, live and digital casino, and horse racing

Customer Service for sportsbook players: Yes

Private Website: Available upon request

Private Toll Free Number: Available upon request

Software: Proprietary DGS

Network: Excellent infrastructures with internet redundancy protocol with a downtown that is close to 0

Security: Encrypted technology and backup servers

Lines: In House lines available for all major sports around the world


Bookie Pay Per Head Service

EasyPayPerHead offers premium bookie software that is made specifically for bookies. Whether you are an established bookie looking for better software, or new to the industry, you will find it easy to use their software and manage your bookie operation.

Player Gambling Options

Their sportsbook pay per head software includes the following gambling options and features for the players

  • Sports betting
  • Live Betting
  • Digital Casino
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Pre Game Lines
  • Prop Bet Builder 
  • eSports Betting
  • Horse Racing
  • Live Score viewing
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Telephone Wagering option

Features of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software

The sportsbook software offers everything a bookie needs, and more. Here are some other features that makes Easy Pay Per Head stand out:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Flexible design
  • Flexible payment options
  • Excellent Security
  • Backup systems
  • More Risk Management tools (NEW!)
  • Automatic updates
  • Detailed bookie reports
  • Accessible customer service
  • Multi-currency capabilities
  • Discount on pay per head fees (NEW!)

Easy Pay Per Head Review

easyregSigning up with Easy Pay Per Head is a breeze. Its a short form where you create a username, password, add your email, and you are good to go. You do not need to call an agent just so you can access the bookie software. You also do not need to give a deposit yet. Easy Pay Per Head still offers their free trial, which is good for two weeks. That's half a month of bookie operational expenses for free, so its a great deal.

Since the process was pretty much as straightforward as it was years ago, we decided to shake things up. We inquired and asked that if we were existing bookies with existing players who have wagers, can we move those bets to the Easy Pay Per Head Software? Their customer service agent was very quick to reply. He was able to competently explain the process (which is much simpler than we expected), and told us what the next steps were. There is also no fee for this, so if you have an existing sportsbook, you can actually switch without having to spend more than the usual pay per head fees.

The quick reply of their agent, and the knowledge of the process reassures us that they have well-trained staff. Other providers employ agents who have a difficult time explaining things, or are not too friendly. With Easy Pay Per Head, they were approachable and very friendly too.

As for the payment, we mentioned earlier that Easy Pay Per Head still offers their free trial, so you do not need to pay anything. But when the trial is over, you have quite a few options for payment. They even take gift cards! You can pay through PayPal, Zelle, Gift Cards from major US shops like Target, Home Depot, Apple, and more. If you prefer more privacy, you can also use cryptocurrency to pay for your fees. Options for the most popular cryptos like bitcoin, etherium, Litecoin, Dash, and Tether are available. Their rate is at $5 per player, which is one of the more affordable rates in the market today. But, their agent mentioned that if we were to have a certain number of player, we can get a discount on our $5 fee. For 100 players, we can get the fee down to $4.50 per player, and it goes on until you hit a thousand players and you only get to pay $2 per player.


The Sports Betting Management Software

The bookie software is well-designed. That is the first thing we noticed before, and we are glad to see they are consistent about it. The site looks new, so they did a redesign. If you prefer the old format, they have a button to go back to the old interface. This is very respectful of the preferences of bookies, and we appreciate that. The menu to the left is quite simple. When you click on an option, you get the drop down menu for more specific features or tasks you want to do. It looks like they improved the layout to make it even easier for bookies to find what you need.

If you want to monitor the data in your sportsbook, you will have no problems with Easy Pay Per Head. They have an excellent data report system that compiles important data for you. You can keep track of all of the wagers in your sportsbook easily. Thus, when you need to move lines, you can easily see which ones to prioritize. If you want to check each player, you can view their activity easily. And if you want to adjust their limits, or give them access to other gambling products like horse racing and online casino gaming, you can do it in just a few clicks.

Also, adding the online casino and horse racing did not trigger any additional costs- the same goes for live betting. The price they advertised is really the rate that you pay for.

Now, let us move on the extra features they offer. Easy Pay Per Head has added a few features over the years, like a prop bet builder. This allows players to create their very own prop bets, elevating thier sports betting experience.Then they also added more risk management features. They now have a bot detector, and also check for any suspicious activity. As a bookie, you already have a lot on your plate. These additional features will definitely help you manage your players faster and with very precise data.


The Player Betting Interface

easyplayerEasy Pay Per Head offers quite a selection of skins for your sportsbook, and all of them are well-designed as well. First, let us take a look at the display. The sports betting options available are great- you have different sports from leagues around the world. eSports is also offered, and you also have a lot of options from seasonal events like the Olympics. The Prop bet builder is the star of the show, where players can enjoy customizing their very own prop bets. This is an enjoyable feature that not all sportsbooks offer.

Live betting is also notable as it is very easy to use. With live betting, the lines change all the time and you have to be fast in placing your bet. We did not have any problems with live betting in their player site.

They also have an upcoming games tab in case you want to explore betting on other events or sports.

As for the horse racing page, we have no complaints as well. They offer a large list of races you can bet on, from US horse racing, European horse racing, to events from other regions as well. Meanwhile, their casino has two main sections: the casino and live casino. Both have generous offerings that your players will enjoy using.

Overall, the options are aplenty when it comes to the sportsbook. Your players will surely be happy with what Easy Pay Per Head has to offer. A clean layout, fast loading pages, and great odds, you can easily compete with other sportsbooks. Rating: 3.5 out of 5

We feel that Easy Pay Per Head is in the right track and is well on its way to be one of the most reputable sportsbook pay per head providers. In just 5 years, they have maintained the quality of their services. They have even added more features to their software without increasing their prices. In addition, your sportsbook can easily grow with them as their software is capable of handling even thousands of players. Not only do you get to easily manage a large sportsbook, you also get to enjoy it at lower rates of as low as $2. Do we still recommend Easy Pay Per Head after our revisit with the provider? Yes, we do. And since they offer a free two week trial, you can experience their software yourself for free. 



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