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1vice Sportsbook Review

1vice sports bettingIt has been about two years since our last review of the 1vice sportsbook and we thought it was time to check up on them as a few things have been happening with this sportsbook.

This online sports betting website had its humble beginning back in 2005 and since then has made many improvements like their Live Dealer Casino, poker room and even a Points Reward program.

They are also using a different software provider so if anyone knows which one let us know.

10/26/2017 - 1Vice is back on track with its payouts being on time according to several sources. 

07/03/2016 - Another complaint about 1Vice from a customer who was on a weekly payment schedule and has not received a payment in two weeks.

06/12/2016 - Warning, players have been complaining about 1Vice slow paying them if at all,limiting the type of bets allowed and betting limits.

It looks like Griffin has really stepped up his marketing effort this year by the way as before, they were mostly on madjack and a couple of other places.  Now, I have seen their banners on at least 15 different sites from sportsbook reviews to handicappers and blogs.

I also noticed that they are more active on their facebook page offerins several small prize contests and even have a sportsbook blog and a sportsbook affiliate program.

Last week we sent one of our faithful reader and part time tester to try them out using their 150% bonus link that they have plastered everywhere on the internet.

So here is Richard’s 1vice review

1vice sportsbook

I opened my account on May 5 for 5 de Mayo. I was drunk and thought it would be a good time to test them out to see how they deal with a drunken fool like me.

They have a standard page which is plain, unattractive and straight to the point. I dare anyone to dispute me on that one,

One thing I did notice is that they now have an actual cashier’s page once you are logged in which is a nice addition considering that before, you had to call in to make a deposit and get your bonus.

I decided to do the old and trusted Moneygram route as when you use a credit card, there is usually a bunch of stuff to go through the first time you enter one in the system. In their case had to do the following which is pretty much industry standard.

  1. Email them a copy of a valid, government issued photo identification
  2. Email them a document for proof of address
  3. Email them a copy of front of card a picture of my credit card

$500So I sent $500 and within a few minutes of them getting my transaction number, the money was in my account with my bonus. The bonus ended up being 150% in free play with a 10x rollover.

So far so good… But then again, all sportsbook are smooth when it comes to sending them money. The real test happens when you start asking them to do stuff for you like raising your limit and asking for a payout!

I started with a $250 betting limit. This was fine since I only deposited a nickel with them and I wanted to give them the impression that I am just a recreational bettor.

So the week went by and tripled my balance plus rolled over my bonus!!! Yeah, I should start selling picks.

Last night, I went on chat asking for a payout. Ha ha ha, I asked them for the whole balance to see how they would react. And sure enough, they gave me the usual speech about leaving some money to finish betting on the NBA finals and to think about the upcoming World Cup and asking me why I wanted to take out the whole balance.

In the end, I only took $500 and got them to raise my betting limit to $300. As a bonus I had a good time making their chat guy sweat a little!

This morning around 10am, I got an email with my control number for my payout which was surprising since I had asked for it the night before around 7pm and it was basically a same day payout.

To end this review, here is my opinion.

They have great bonuses for sure. I do think that how they are able to give out these bonuses is by giving players a low limit to start with.

Their customer service is ok but I’ve seen better

Griffin is a bit of a douche bag. I was trying to get a free payout just to rile them up and boy, he straight to the point and has no sense of humor.

Will I continue to bet at 1vice?

Yes, for my small action I will continue to bet with them as they seem to be a reliable book. Especially during this time of the year where the sports betting industry is slow, they sent me my payout without batting an eye.

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