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There are many pay per head bookie providers that promises exclusive features at a reasonable price. One of them is Thus, we made a sportsbook pay per head review to determine if the discounted PPH services offer good value to your money.

Discount Pay Per Head promises top-notch services at discounted rates. For example, its per head sportsbook services start at $5. Also, we have been hearing excellent things about the provider. It was one of the reasons why we tried to find out more about it.

Our initial impression of the PPH provider was good. We read nothing but positive reviews on As a result, we want to find out why many bookies use their services to open a sportsbook.



 discountpayperhead reviewInception: 2016

Price: $5

Services: Bookie pay per head, sportsbook pay per head, casino pay per head

Products: sports betting platform, live betting, pre game lines, live and digital casino, horse racing

Customer Service for sportsbook players: Yes

Private Website: Available upon request

Private Toll Free Number: Available upon request

Software: DGS

Network: Guaranteed uptime of 99.99 percent with redundancy 

Security: Modern encryption system

Lines: Available for all major sports around the world

Bookie Pay Per Head Service provides high-quality PPH solutions that ensure clients get a comprehensive sportsbook package with a wide range of features and tools.

Player Gambling Options

The sportsbook pay per head solution feature the different player gambling options:

  • Sports Wagering
  • Live Sports Wagering
  • Online Casino
  • Live Sports Betting
  • Racebook
  • Live Casino
  • Telephone Wagering option

Features of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software

Here are the features of the sportsbook PPH software:

  • Mobile Support
  • Scalable Operations
  • Several Payment Options
  • Redundant Servers
  • 99.99 Percent Uptime
  • Automated Updates
  • Multiple Language Support Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review

The first thing we liked about Discount Pay Per Head was its registration process. Potential clients can quickly sign up for an account by providing a username and password. Also, you don’t need to submit any personal documents or information to open an account.

It didn’t take a long time to receive a confirmation for the account. After that, you can use the PPH service right away. We used the no-obligation trial to try out the sports betting platform. It provided us with insights into what the sportsbook solution has to offer.

Despite being within the trial period, we have complete control of the sports betting platform. We can modify player settings, adjust lines, and more.


The Sports Betting Management Software

The sports betting platform is based on the DGS software, which is known for its reliability. Also, DPPH modified the software to make it more user-friendly for its clients. You can access all the tools and features, including reports, through the dashboard.

The software gives you complete control of the sports betting platform. For example, you can add accounts and modify them. Also, you can move lines if you want to balance them manually. In addition, the software can automatically offset the lines for you.

The Player Betting Interface

The player betting interface is too simple. However, it can be an advantage because players can easily find the sport or event they want to bet on. In addition, it has a wide range of markets, from significant sports tournaments to obscure ones.

It has many betting options that players will love. Aside from sports betting, the PPH solution also offers online casino games and a racebook. Players can access both features with a single log-in. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 might have come late in the game, but it is at par with the best PPH providers today. At a discounted price of $5, you’ll get a wide range of features and tools to help run and maintain a bookie business.

Also, the software takes care of all the backend operations of the sports betting business. Sportsbook operators can easily manage players and their markets through the dashboard.


Start a Bookie Business with for only $5

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