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Are you looking for a reliable sportsbook pay per head service?  Our bookie pay per head reviews can help!  Our staff has reviewed the top sportsbook pay per head provider in the industry to give ou an impartial opinion of which price per head service is right for you.

We compare prices, security, reliability, gambling options and more so you can choose which service best fits your needs.

If you need us to review a specific pay per head company that is not on our list, please contact us and we will be happy to find more information about that company

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Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Featured Sportsbook Pay Per Head Company - is the Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head in the industry. They have the best sports betting platform in addition to providing a digital and live casino, live betting and a racebook. Looking to start building your online sportsbook? Then look no further then the next generation in Sportsbook PPH services!

Cost Per Player: $5 for everything!

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sbpph logo square 150x110 is one of the leading pay per head providers in the online sports betting industry. They offer a comprehensive and affordable solution for bookies who want to run their sportsbooks without the hassle of managing the lines, software, and customer service. Our Sportsbook Pay Per Head review will examine what makes them stand out from other pay per head services.

It is a pay per head service that provides bookies with a fully customizable and user-friendly website to offer their players various betting options, such as sports, casino, live betting, and horse racing. handles all the technical aspects of running a sportsbook, such as updating the odds, processing the bets, generating reports, and providing 24/7 support. Bookies only need to pay a flat fee per active player per week, which starts from $5 and goes down depending on the number of players. 

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downloadAre you looking for the cheapest sportsbooks pay per head on the market today? No other PPH provider can go as low as with its $1 per active player rate. Thus, today we feature the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review.

Things are not going in favor of How can an online business allow its domain to expire? Fortunately, we managed to make an account with them before their domain expired, bringing down the website. offers services for people who want to open a bookie business. They can customize the features and prices for operations of all sizes. So whether you have a small sportsbook of ten players or a considerable operator of more than a hundred players, can accommodate you and your bookie business.


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Reviews, are just a point of view?

Reviews, are just a point of view?The pay per head (PPH) sector has evolved in recent years. It offers bookies with high-quality software that tremendously increases their profits. Besides, the efficiency of PPH providers has increased of late.

Yet, some bookie operators struggle to choose reliable pay-per-head agents. The following are reviews of the six best PPH websites.

  1. 1. 247PPH

The PPH company offers end-to-end solutions once you register and pay an initial account activation fee. It will set up your players on its system and create their gambling limits. The software performs most gambling tasks but you need to collect payments, as it doesn't process online payments.

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Write comment (0 Comments) Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review promises a lot of things. For example, they claim to have the best agent software, security features, and award-winning player platform. Thus, our sportsbook pay per head review will determine if they fulfilled their promises or not.

According to the company, has been in business since 2006. However, we can’t find any trace of the company in 2006. Also, the earliest online presence they have was in 2008, when the domain was for a sportsbook. In 2008, it went out of business.

The domain became the home of a sportsbook software provider in 2011. Then in 2013, they started offering sportsbook pay per head solutions. They cater to people who want to open a sportsbook.


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Write comment (0 Comments) Pay Per Head Review Sportsbook Pay Per HeadWhat sets differently from other pay per head providers on the market? Although it is relatively new to the online sports betting software market, it has already grown in reputation. According to our research, Pay Per Head King has been offering its PPH services since 2016. Our pay per head review will look if it is worth using for your bookie business.

Although its PPH solution is far from perfect, Pay Per Head King offers all the tools and features needed to run a sports betting website. Its clientele was limited to private companies and startups in Costa Rica in the past.

The company started offering its services to bookies across the globe in 2019. It was during that time when the company launched its website. We try to find out why most PPHK sportsbook pay per head reviews are positive.


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DPPH logo 512x512

There are many pay per head bookie providers that promises exclusive features at a reasonable price. One of them is Thus, we made a sportsbook pay per head review to determine if the discounted PPH services offer good value to your money.

Discount Pay Per Head promises top-notch services at discounted rates. For example, its per head sportsbook services start at $5. Also, we have been hearing excellent things about the provider. It was one of the reasons why we tried to find out more about it.

Our initial impression of the PPH provider was good. We read nothing but positive reviews on As a result, we want to find out why many bookies use their services to open a sportsbook.



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Easy Pay Per Head Review

easypayperhead logo 400x400t

Years ago, we did our first review of Easy Pay Per Head, and this is what we had to say:

"Easy Pay Per Head is one of the youngest you will see in our sportsbook pay per head reviews, but with good reason. In the year that they have been in operation, they have amassed quite a lot of registration from bookies all over... Their premium bookie pay per head services are at par with some of the biggest names in the pay per head industry, and that is saying something. Their full portfolio of services is available at only $5 per head, which also makes them one of the most affordable in the market today."

And now, a few years later, we are revisiting the Easy Pay Per Head bookie software to see if they are still worth the raves we gave them. They are still in business after launching back in 2019. With 5 years of experience under their belt, have they improved their services? Are they still as easy to use, and do they offer bookie software that can compete with the latest bookie software we have been seeing in the market today? Let's take a look at Easy Pay Per Head and find out what they are offering their bookies nowadays. We have high hopes for this provider, so we are expecting to see good things from them.

Looking at their product offerings, we can see that their bookie software is actually pretty much complete in terms of the tools that bookies need. With them, bookies can create and customize their sportsbooks in minutes. They remain true to their name as a provider that can help you set up your sportsbook in minutes. But is the speedy process worth it? Is there more substance to their services than just being easy to use? These are the questions that we look forward to answering.

Of course, we are also quite intrigued to see how their software has evolved over the years. It is quite common for pay per head providers to become complacent and not update their software. Given how sports betting technology continues to change over the years, providers need to keep up and adjust. Otherwise, they become stagnant. And that means your sportsbook will become stagnant too. We hope that Easy Pay Per Head does not fall into that category.


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