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RDG Corp Pay Per Head Review

1 out of 5 Stars

RDG Corp is an infamous pay per head company that owns a few sportsbooks and casinos like America’s Bookie and 1Vice.  In most cases, this would not hurt our review even though we consider it a conflict of interest and security risk for a pay per head company.  Seriously, would you trust your players with a company that is your competition as well?

Despite this little known fact, the sportsbooks that it owns do have a bad reputation for slow paying or not playing their bettors.

Some of its pay per head services brand include:, A1PER HEAD and which are all the same system and same service except with a different website.

One of the first flag that came to our attention about this company is that some websites have them as having an inception date of 1998 which is incorrect.  Even though the domain name was purchased in 1996, the website domain name was not using as a gambling service until 2007. 

The original website was  used for a company called “Revelation Design Group” which was a warehouse material management solution and not for real sports betting software service.  We do have to say that 10 years in the business is still a decent amount of time in the gambling industry so they must be doing something right for themselves.

  • Inception: 2007
  • Price: $10 and lower
  • Service: sports betting, casino, horseracing and poker
  • Customer Service:
  • Website:
  • Software: DGS
  • Security: https available

RDG Corp. Pay Per Head Service Review

We tried to sign up for the four week trial that they have on their website but when we did, we got an error on their website.  We then called but no one answered the phone.

At the end, we were ready to give up until one of our visitor who used their pay per head service last year said that he woud be happy to write about his experience with them.  So here it is.

RDG Corp have a great sales team that have all of the right answers to all of your questions.  However, their software and customer service fall way short of what they tell you.  I had signed up with them about 9 months ago as an alternate place for some of my players.  I was charged $8 per player per week and I just had to leave with them a $2000 deposit.

It took them 3 weeks to get an ungly generic website up even though I was promised it would take les then 5 days.  They must either be very busy or have a shortage of hired help.

Once my website was up, I had no problems in general as the starting lines were decent and my players were able to place their bets without any problems.  A few months down the road, I started getting calls and emails from my players saying that the site was down half of the time and that they were getting hassled from other books about joining them.

The website being down was of course a problem.  Especially since I was not told anything about it from RDG Corp.  In addition, some of these players only play with me and havenever signed up to receive information.  I was told that they got calls from America's Bookies which I found out later is owned by RDG Corp.

Not proof they stole my players but enough to make me paraoid about them.  Anyway, I called them about the issue of the website being down and they said that they had some database problem and that they were working on it.

It took them several days to fix the problemsand at the end, they had the balls to try and charge me to fix the problem.  WTF, I pay them every week so I didn't have to worry about that stuff.  Needless to say, as soon as my deposit rn out with them, I took my business somewhere else.

Even though they use the DGS software which is a good and solid sports betting software, their service is not very good and I have told all of my friends to stay away from them.

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