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Panthers Looking to Sweep the Lightning Heading to Game 4

panthers looking to sweep the lightningThe Florida Panthers are on the brink of a historic moment, aiming to sweep the Tampa Bay Lightning. Achieving this feat will mark the first time the Panthers have triumphed over the Lightning in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This potential victory could unfold in the heart of Tampa Bay, at the Amalie Arena, on Saturday, adding to the occasion's significance.

According to sportsbook price per head experts, the Panthers were here before. They went on to win Game 4 on the road after taking a 3-0 lead against the Carolina Hurricanes in last year's Eastern Conference Final. With 29 seasons under their belts, it was the first sweep in franchise history.

Despite their impressive performance, the Panthers are cautious. They are acutely aware of their formidable opponent in the Lightning, a team clinched back-to-back Stanley Cup victories in 2020 and 2021 and advanced to the Final in 2022. This approach adds an element of suspense to the upcoming game.

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How Special Team Impact NHL Bets

How Special Teams Impact NHL BetsHere’s how special teams impact NHL bets.

Key Points

– Special teams impact NHL bets during the regular season.

– NHL bettors should understand how special teams impact the postseason.

How Special Teams Impact NHL Bets

NHL teams place a lot of emphasis on their power play and penalty killing units. It only makes sense that NHL handicappers do the same. However, should bettors rely as much on this data when the NHL playoffs come around?

Bettors should use a dynamic online betting portal where they can find the most accurate stats, betting odds, lines, and more.

There are a number of seasons that offer some insight into how handicappers can use (or not use) special teams numbers when making NHL bets in the regular season and the postseason.


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NHL Hockey Betting: 2015-16 Season Underway

NHL Hockey Betting: 2015-16 Season UnderwayThe NHL Season is officially underway after four games were played last Wednesday. That opening four-game Wednesday slate saw home teams go 0-4 while favorites went 1-3, but since that time the chalk has dominated.

We compiled our stats from Wednesday through Sunday, and while hockey is notorious for home ice advantage not accounting for much, we were surprised to see home teams had a losing overall record through the first week of the season.

Out of 31 games played in total Wednesday through Sunday, home teams went a combined 14-17 straight up. Favorites did very well for NHL bettors, as they finished the week with a winning 22-9 record, including a 21-6 mark after opening day.

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Inside the 2021 NHL Season


Inside the 2021 NHL Season

The 2021 NHL season has been unlike any other in league history. A grueling regular-season schedule has turned games into virtual playoff series. Short-term division realignment has brought about new rivalries.


COVID-19 postponements have extended the end of the season, so the NHL is sprinting a marathon in the hopes of reaching the finish line and starting the 2021-22 season on time.

Here are some of the top stories from inside the 2021 NHL season.


 COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc in Vancouver

Far and away, COVID-19 hit the Vancouver Canucks harder than any other team. The Canucks shut down on March 24 as COVID-19 infected the team and didn't play again until April 18. At one point, 21 Canucks players and four members of the team staff all tested positive for coronavirus.

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NHL Stanley Cup Finals-Preview- Lightning vs. Blackhawks!

Bet on the NHL FinalsThe very tough and grueling NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have finally worked their way down to just two competitors as the Blackhawks of Chicago take on the Lightning of Tampa Bay in this 1st Game of a 7 Game Series with the 1st Game being played on Wednesday the 3rd of June 2015 at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida with the puck-off scheduled for 8:05 PM ET and seen on NBC SN TV.

For those that Bet on NHL at an Online sportsbook, the odds at Las Vegas for this 1st Game have the Chicago Blackhawks as the underdogs, with the ML at +110 and the under 5 +120 and +1 ½ -280 on the GL.

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2018 NHL Playoffs Update


2018 NHL Playoffs UpdateSo far, the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs has been full of NHL action and mayhem.  The online sportsbooks are taking in the wagers while bettors are crying and smiling in anticipation. In our 2018 NHL Playoffs Update we will recap of last night’s games and follow up with tonight’s schedule.

One matchup that has the bookies scratching their heads is the Pittsburgh and the Flyers series. So far, they have been completely unpredictable with some back and forth action. In addition, some key players were injured which could mean for some teams the end of their NHL Playoffs run.

One of them is Leo Komarov who was injured last Saturday due to an apparent lower-body injury.  It is unlikely that he will return for game three against the Bruins because of his collision with Kevan Miller.


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2015 - NHL-2015 Conference Finals - Preview!

2015 NHL Finals Betting PreviewWith the 2014-15 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs underway we have the Eastern Conference Finals and the Western Conference Finals both taking place simultaneously.

The Eastern Conference brings together the Lightning of Tampa playing the Rangers of New York with the first 2 games of  the Series in New York, the 3rd & 4th games in Tampa Bay, 5th game in New York, 6th game in Tampa and the Final 7th game back in New York if needed at all games are scheduled for 8 PM ET.  

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