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Sportsperhead is a relatively new sportsbook pay per head provider. With new companies, it is very important that their services match up to those who have been in the industry longer. Therefore, they must offer a more competitive package, or offer services that will encourage bookies to sign up.

A great way to find out just how competitive your sportsbook is, is to read pay per head reviews. From there, look at the rates and the services. Most importantly, make sure the sportsbook software is top of the line.

In the case of sportsperhead, we will take a look at their site and see how they compare to the more established providers in the sports betting industry.


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Inception: 2017

Price: flexible

Products: Sports Betting, Live In-Game Betting, Racebook, Online Casino, Live Dealer Casino


Telephone:  1-888-684-9666

Location: Costa Rica

Current Promo: 1 Week Free Trial




Sportsperhead Pay Per Head Service offers a wide range of services for both bookies and their players. Here are some of them:

Player Gambling Options:

  • Sports betting
  • Live in-game Betting
  • Online Casino
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Horse Racing

Features of the Sportsbook Software

  • Online Wagering Available, Telephone Wagering Available
  • Backup systems
  • Private Website Available
  • Mobile Platform Available
  • Private Toll-Free Number Available
  • Secure Site
  • Nice platform Pay Per Head Service Review


Visiting the site for the first time, we were not really that impressed with how the site looks. It does not have the sophisticated look that we have come to expect from sportsbook providers. It did not look professional, and while the layout was clean, it was pretty bare as well. 

Signing up required us to fill out a quick form, but we needed to be in tuch with them to configure the site. The rates that will be charged are across the board, but will depend on the configuration we would choose for our players. While setup was quick and easy, they were not as flexible as other sportsbooks. Meaning, if we wanted more services, we had to pay more. On one hand, this is good because this strategy prevents people from paying for services they do not use. On the other hand, it was quite cumbersome for us since as a bookie you need to be flexible in terms of what you offer your clients. We would have preferred to be able to freely choose our services and not be charged or quoted for every service we want to add more. 



The Sports Betting Management Software

They do boast of great security measures for their site, which is always something a bookie should look for. They also give great detail on how they protect your site, from the front end, to the back end. They also provide 24/7 customer service, which is good, especially if you offer your services to international players. 

The Player Betting Interface

The player website and the betting interface functions well but we could have gotten more. PPH Rating: 1.0 out of 5

Being a new sportsbook pay per head provider poses a lot of challenges, and to be noticed, you will need to start out big. In the case of sportsperhead, we did not see anything extraordinary. Given all of the features they offer, that is also being offered by other, more reputable providers, we would rather give our business to others. There is nothing we saw that would actually make us want to sign up with them - their services are equal, if not even less, than existing pay per head services. Maybe when they are in the industry for longer, we can see more potential. But for now, we will pass. 


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