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Bookie Vault

Inception: 2004
Price Per Player: $7
Main St.
City: Escazu
State/Province: San Jose
Post code/Zip Code: 10203
Country: Costa Rica
Contact Person: Ziggy

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Phone: 888-704-1561

BookieVault runs a premium pay per head sportsbook platform designed around providing agents a completely customizable experience not only for themselves but for their players allowing them to market and brand themselves effectively in an increasingly competative field.  We've operated in Costa Rica for 15 years but until recently we've been by recommendation only.  We've now decided to open our doors to the public allowing everyone to take advantage of the competitive edge our system provides.

Our proprietary platform allows agents to fully control their players and sub-agents online.  This isn't just a slightly modified DGS shop but rather a fully developed sportsbook, casino, and racebook platform providing a full range of products.  As the times change and technology improves we work hand-in-hand with our clients to be sure that we are meeting their needs in an ever changing marketplace.  We know that when our business partners grow and succeed so do we.

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