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Can the Cavs Make a Come Back After 2 Straight Losses in the Finals?

Can the Cavs Make a Come Back After 2 Straight Losses in the Finals?Game 2 of the NBA finals is over and many are thinking that this is it for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they lost another game against the Golden State Warriors in a 77-110 defeat last Sunday.  In fact, the Warriors are making the Cavs look like a second rate team when they rolled over them by 33 points.

Most sports handicappers agree that this should not be happening and that is must be a fluke since in order to make it to the finals, a team has to go through many hardship that keeps increasing the higher up the ladder they get.

The odd thing for this NBA finals is that the Golden State Warriors have not been a their best as we have seen in the past two games  the Warriors  play conspicuously imperfect basketball with easy open missed shots and ball turnovers such as last Sunday when they lost the ball 20 times!

So what exactly is going on with the Cleveland Cavaliers?  Many basketball betting enthusiasts are hoping that the season will not come to an early finish and that the Cavs will turn things around when they play on their home turf for game 3 on Wednesday June 8.

So far the Warriors have outscored the Cavs in the last 2 games by a104-82 margin and if the Cavs have any hope of winning the Finals they need to start focusing on the game.

And the focus starts with Lebron James who has pretty much been a passive player these last two games.  He needs to play all 48 minutes and start being more aggressive.

So far, the Cavaliers are showing that they are inferior to the Warriors and they cannot beat them in a two pointers game.  If they want a shot at winning, they need to start shooting and sinking three-pointers.

The early odds at most sportsbooks like BetOnline shows that the Cavaliers are a 1 point favorite and at Bovada Sportsbook they are actually a 1.5 favorite but let’s be honest, even though it’s a home game for the Cavs, the bookies are skeptical and even some are making it an even spread.

For those looking to show their love by placing a bet on the game should look for a good sportsbook promotion like that is not only giving their players a 200% bonus but also a free $100 CASH bet on game 5 of the NBA finals. 

The spread will probably change for the best or for the worst depending on whether Kevin Love plays for game three.  During game 2, he suffered a concussion in the first half of the game.

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