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Can the Mavericks Make a Comeback?

Can the Mavericks Make a Comeback?Last night, the Dallas Mavericks lost Game 2 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. While it is still to make any prediction as to who will win the NBA championship, things are not looking for Dallas. At the moment, they are 0-2 in the NBA Finals and most sports handicappers are having doubts about the Mavericks. So, the big question on everyone’s mind is Can the Mavericks Make a Comeback?

In last night’s game, the Mavericks lost 105-98. Considering the relatively close score, there may be a glimmer of hope for the Mavericks. However, the truth remains that the series has been dictated by Boston's terms, allowing the Celtics to stick to their season-long strategy.

Dallas, on the other hand, has been forced to deviate from their winning formula. The Mavericks find themselves constantly outmaneuvered, making both offense and defense a struggle.

In contrast, the Celtics seem to effortlessly navigate through the games, showcasing a level of basketball that is far from their best. Needless to say, after Sunday's game, some gamblers are beginning to doubt the Mavericks can make it pass game 4.

Can the Mavericks Make a Comeback after a Trailing 2-0 in the NBA Finals?

In all honesty, the Dallas Mavericks are probably more upset about losing Game 2 than their overall game performance. Luka Dončić held himself accountable for the turnovers and missed free throws that contributed to the 105-98 defeat at the TD Garden on Sunday evening. However, he showcased exceptional resilience following an injury that had raised doubts about his availability for the game.

Can the Mavericks Make a Comeback after a Trailing 2-0 in the NBA Finals?It is difficult to comprehend the fact that the team had 15 turnovers, considering how valuable each possession is. The Celtics' performance in free throws was also disappointing, as they missed eight out of 24 attempts, which could potentially haunt them throughout the summer.

While it will be tough to get back from a 2-game deficit, it is not impossible and has been done before. As long as they can win on Wednesday, they still have a shot at the Championship. Especially with the next 2 games being at home at the America Airlines Center.

Irving's assertion about the Celtics excelling at home is accurate. However, their performance on the road is even more impressive. They have consistently demonstrated strength away from TD Garden, as evidenced by their flawless record in the first six road games this season. Even if Boston were to lose both upcoming games in Dallas, they would still boast one of the most impressive road records among playoff teams in recent years.

Pay Per Head Bookies have believe the Mavericks are heavily reliant on Irving to showcase his star potential. If he fails to produce offensively against Boston, Dallas stands little chance of securing a victory.

In 2016, Irving faced a similar situation with the Cavs, bouncing back from two tough games to lead his team to victory at home despite being down 0-2. Cleveland managed to defeat Golden State in Game 3 before ultimately falling short in Game 4, trailing 3-1. This set the stage for the greatest comeback in NBA history. The question now is, what will the narrative be this time around?

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