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Miami Guard Dion Waiters Suffers Bad Reaction to THC Edible

Miami Guard Dion Waiters Suffers Bad Reaction to THC EdibleMiami guard Dion Waiters hasn’t played a single NBA game this season for several reasons. However, his latest absence was due to the weirdest reason yet. According to pay per head sources, Waiters had an adverse reaction to THC.

THC is the active ingredient found in marijuana, which is still part of the banned substances list of the NBA. Waiters had a panic attack during the team’s charter flight last Thursday after eating an edible infused with THC.

The Miami Heat organization didn’t give out an official comment about the incident. According to basketball news outlets, Waiters suffered from a stomachache after ingesting an unknown substance after the team won against the Phoenix Suns. He was treated for it after the team arrived in LA. He didn’t attend the game against the Lakers because of an unspecified illness.

Miami Guard Dion Waiters Season

Waiters and the Heat organization are at odds since the start of the NBA preseason. He missed most of the preseason due to personal reasons. Also, the Heat suspended him for the season opener for his conduct that’s detrimental to the team.

Coach Erik Spoelstra told sportsbook software insiders that he thinks rookie Tyler Herro is a better player than Waiters. Also, Miami Heat president Pat Riley said that there were several unacceptable incidents involving Waiters. As a result, they suspended the player.

Waiters was in the active roster for two out of the nine Heat games this season. However, he hasn’t played yet. Also, he is in his third year of your four-year contract with the Heat worth $52 million. Both parties agree to part ways as the Heat looks for a trade opportunity for the shooting guard.

Waiters would lose $1.1 million in bonuses if he missed three more games this season. Maybe he can consider becoming a bookie if he stays on the bench longer.

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