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Timberwolves Fired Coach after Blow Out Win

The Minnesota Timberwolves fired coach Tom Thibodeau on Sunday after more than two seasons with the NBA franchise. Assistant coach Ryan Saunders will be the interim coach, as the team looks for a permanent replacement for Thibodeau.

The Wolves told Thibodeau he was out of the job hours after he coached the team to a 22-point blow out over the LA Lakers. While the decision made a lot of sense, players need to adjust to the coaching change.

Coach Thibodeau also have several players he brought to the Wolves from the Bulls, including Derrick Rose. During an interview, Rose had strong words for people who doubt he can continue playing his best with Thibodeau.

Why Timberwolves Fired Coach Thibodeau

The Timberwolves hired Thibodeau in April 2016, 11 months after the Chicago Bulls fired him. He was the Bulls’ head coach for five years. In just two seasons with the Wolves, NBA news reports have good feedback about his rebuilding plan. He managed to bring the team into the playoffs last season, which is its first postseason appearance since 2003-04.

However, things began to fall apart during the offseason. Jimmy Butler wanted a trade and didn’t attend the team’s training camp. He only returned to the team a week before the start of the season after the team didn’t trade him away. Butler used to play for Thibodeau in Chicago.

After the Butler trade, it felt like Thibodeau’s time as head coach and president of the Timberwolves was on borrowed time. Owner Glen Taylor has a different has a different vision for the team that clashed with the coach.

According to some bookie pay per head service providers, Thibodeau is an old-school coach that doesn’t belong in today’s NBA. He overworks his top players in an era where the league recognizes the need for in-season rest. The Wolves also shot the least number of 3-pointers than any team last season.

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