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Which Team Will Make it Past the First Round of March Madness

 Which Team Will Make it Past the First Round of March MadnessSelection Sunday has come and gone leaving thousands of office workers trying to fill out their March Madness Bracket.  In addition, you also have the basketball betting fans that are also filling out brackets for money, prizes and fame. The best ways to win a bracket is to guess which teams will make it to the Final Four.  From there, you use that data to get a perfect score during the First Round of March Madness. 

Most March Madness bracket experts agree that you should always pick the No.1 and No. 2 seed to win in the first round.  Another way to improve your bracket is to check the betting odds and see which team is favored to win. If this is your first time filling out a March Madness bracket check out this March Madness Bracket Tutorial.

While we wait for the game to start, let’s take a look at which team will make it past the first round.


It can be daunting to pick the first round winners with all of the statistics, historical data, and facts and figures so we thought we would make it easier for you by giving you or top choices.

Best Teams to Make it Pass the First Round

North Carolina is bound to make it past the first round as their coach; Dean Smith has a history for making it to the Final Fours.  In fact, under his leadership, his teams have made it past the first round twenty-five times.  In addition he has made it seven times to the final four and has won two national championships.

The Kentucky Wildcats are a given but for those who are just filling out your March Madness Bracket blindly here is why.  Kentucky is a massive team of talent and has always made it to the Elite Eight and out of 16 NCAA Tournaments have a 15-1 record of making it past the first round. Currently, they have an amazing 24-10 record.

The Blue Devils from Duke have a great basketball history but be aware that even though the odds of making it past first rounds are better than average, according to most sports handicappers, they have been known to flop out during the first round.  So as you place your NCAA basketball bet or your 2016 March Madness Bracket, be aware first of the ranking of their opponent.  If they face an opponent that holds the two, three or six seed, they may not make it.

The Virginia Cavaliers are almost a sure thing that they will make it past the first round of March Maness.  Not only are they the No. 1 seed, they will be facing a No. 16 seed team, UMBC. They may not make it to the Elite 8 but we expect them to make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

However you decided to fill out your bracket, have fun and keep in mind that even though you probably won’t get a perfect March Madness Bracket, you can certainly make some decent money when you take advantage of some of the sportsbook promotions offered by

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