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Be on the Right Side of the Action

Be on the Right Side of the Action
Be on the Right Side of the Action
Interest in sports betting is increasing almost on a daily basis, with more states approving the practice every few months. Since the United States Supreme Court invalidated Nevada’s monopoly on Legalized, Sports Betting in 2018, the landscape has changed dramatically.

The tide has already begun to turn prior to that with the rise in popularity of Daily fantasy Sports (DFS), but the Court’s ruling opened the floodgates. Sports leagues that had taken great efforts to distance themselves from gambling’s influence are now forming partnerships with wagering entities. What was once considered a sleazy activity has now gone mainstream.

Over 20 states have passed legislation and are in some stage of implementation of allowing sportsbooks to operate. They can be online, casino based or both and have strict regulations for operation. The same major players are running the sportsbooks, with Caesar’s Entertainment, BetMGM, DraftKings and FanDuel among the most prominent.

While a segment of the country has access to state sponsored and regulated online sportsbooks, many locations don’t. The assumption could be made that things haven’t changed much in those states, but that’s not totally accurate. Even though potential bettors can’t make wagers, they still have access to those online sportsbooks to view lines and odds.

It sets an expectation level for the technology level and type of user interface that they want to have available to them for placing wagers. Many offshore providers, while not necessarily a great option, provide similar online wagering experiences.

For independent sports betting agents, all of this activity creates both challenges and opportunity as they look to own the bookie business in their community. The increase in interest gives them a chance to add clients and take more wagers. However, the wave of online betting sites give their customers an expectation that they can have access to a similar site.

The best solution for bookies to employ is a Pay Per Head (PPH) sportsbook service.

It gives the independent sports betting agent access to state of the art technology without having to make an investment in software or website development. All it costs is a fee for each of their clients that makes a wager during the billing period, usually a week.

The online sportsbook has a user friendly interface, with lines and odds available with just a couple of clicks of a mouse. It has all major sports represented, including the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, soccer, college sports, UFC/MMA, boxing, golf, tennis and others. It ensures action for the bookie on a year round basis.

All popular wagering types are offered, with futures, spreads, money line, over/under, parlays and proposition bets available. Live betting with in game odds is also an option, as are horse racing and casino games. It all depends on how much risk and activity the bookie wants to take on.

The PPH service allows for wagering 24 hours a day, seven days a week, relieving the bookie of the responsibility of personally taking bets over the phone or by text. It gives the sports betting agent the time to develop business and foster relationships with their clients.  With the reporting capabilities of the service, they can get a great handle on the betting patterns of their customers.

There is really only one way for someone to own the bookie business, and that is with a reliable and robust PPH service provider. By offering a technologically advanced and extremely user friendly online sportsbook, a bookie can quickly differentiate themselves from their competitors.

A great place to get started in offering a top PPH online sportsbook to clients, and to own the bookie is It’s just the first step in creating a great sports betting agent business.

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