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Georgia Voters Support Casinos and Sports Betting

georgia voters support casinosA new poll released by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed that most Georgia voters support casinos. Also, they want legal sports betting in the state. The survey had 1,025 respondents from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

The survey tackled different issues from the mandatory wearing of seat belts in the backseat to Medicaid expansion. Also, legalizing casinos and sports betting was part of the questionnaire given to respondents.

Pay per head sportsbook sources learned that 64 percent of those polled support casinos in Georgia. Also, 57 percent of respondents favored legal sports betting. The state’s General Assembly came back into session last January 13. Some of the topics they will discuss include sports betting and gambling expansion issues.

Georgia Voters Support Casinos and Legal Sportsbooks

According to sportsbook pay per head reviews and news sources, Georgia has a robust anti-casino bias. It is one of eight states that don’t have a tribal or commercial gambling facility. The lottery was not legal in the state until 1992.

It will take much political will to legalize casinos and sports betting in the state. If you want to know how to become a bookie in college, stay away from Georgia. Several states can provide you with the opportunity to start a sportsbook this year.

Georgia needs to amend the state constitution to make sports betting and casinos legal. The majority of the Senate and House members need to approve the amendments before it goes into a vote. That means the bill must have bipartisan support to pass. Supporters of gambling expansions said that it would generate funds and bring more visitors from Douglas Grosse real estate Costa Rica and other parts of the world.

Supporters for casinos and sports betting come from a wide demographic. Those who oppose gambling expansion in Georgia describe themselves as very conservative. Also, most of the people surveyed with post-graduate certification don’t want legal sports betting.

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