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Great Offshore Betting Odds at Sportsbooks

Great Offshore Betting Odds at SportsbooksFind huge variety and great offshore betting odds from online sportsbooks.

Key Points

- Offshore sportsbooks have less overhead and lower taxes and can pass on the savings to their customers.

- Competitive odds, bonuses, and more attract bettors to offshore sportsbooks.

Offshore sportsbooks have been around since the 1990s. Since their beginning, they have stayed one step ahead of the game and laid the foundation for online sports betting. Today, bettors from around the world can place bets on numerous sporting events via any number of offshore sportsbooks.

These sportsbooks provide a number of different things to sports bettors everywhere. One of those is great betting odds and they will continue to do so.




Rise of Offshore Sportsbooks

Many of the offshore sportsbooks in operation today are located in places like Costa Rica, Panama, and other Central American or Caribbean nations. There are several reasons why.

Government regulation adds a layer of difficulty for businesses, including sportsbooks. Oftentimes, regulation of a certain enterprise adds to the cost of the final product for the customer.

There is less regulation of sports betting in these countries, which is one reason why sportsbooks tend to locate there.

There are also less taxes. In the end, a sportsbook located in the United States as compared to say Costa Rica would pay much more in taxes to the government. Again, just like more regulation, higher taxes add to the final cost for the consumer.

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Customer-Focused - Great Offshore Betting Odds

Setting up shop offshore, these sportsbooks were able to focus on the customer. Attractive, easy-to-use websites allow bettors to manage their accounts from anywhere. They can look up odds and lines for thousands of sporting events around the globe.

Bets can be placed remotely. Deposits and withdrawals can be made via a smartphone. Everything is geared toward providing the sports bettor with the best possible experience.

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Great Offshore Betting Odds Advantage

Because of minimal regulation, offshore sportsbooks have to hold themselves to high standards or they lose the trust of their customers. That includes fairness and integrity in everything they do, including establishing odds.

In order to be competitive with other sportsbooks, offshore books have to offer great odds. Since they pay lower taxes, offshore sportsbooks are also able to adjust their odds and the juice more freely.

Being able to offer lower fees and better odds helps to attract customers. Doing this over time builds a reputation for having the best odds and fees which continues to attract more customers.

Bonuses at Offshore Sportsbooks

Offshore sportsbooks are also able to offer customers a number of bonuses that you can’t get from working with a local bookie. Again, the minimal regulations and lower taxes allow the offshore sportsbook some freedom to do even more to focus on the customer.

Offers such as deposit matches, risk-free wagers, and much more are offered at most every offshore sportsbook. These incentives are another tool that offshore books can use to attract customers. Take for example America’s Bookie. America’s Bookie provides a full array of sports betting contests for all of their customers.

When you add in bonuses and the highly competitive odds and reduced juice, offshore sportsbooks are a great choice for any sports bettor.

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