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Sports Betting in Tennessee Still Uncertain


Legalizing sports betting in the US is a bit tedious, since its up to each state’s legislation to allow it or not. If they do allow it, the terms that covers it will vary. For some states, becoming a bookie is easy, but for some, it can be hard. For some states, you can operate a sportsbook pay per head online, through a pay per head service. For others, its limited to brick and mortar casinos. Even then, the sports allowed to bet on can also be limited.

In the case of Tennessee, it could be one or any of these terms that is holding the sports betting industry back. True enough, towards the end of March, the sports betting bill currently being discussed was under fire from a lot of legislators opposing the bill.


Sports Betting in Tennessee: the Chances

After being blocked by different committees, the bill is back, with some amendments made. The amendment bans any wagers and action on any college sport. This amendment was added by Representative Bob Ramsey, as requested by the state’s universities. After collecting dust, the addition of the amendment has pushed the bill to be approved in a 12-5 vote.

In addition, another amendment was included, and this will remove the cap on the number of licenses to be issued by the state. Initially it was 10. The Tennessee Senate also has a similar bill, but it will be facing a big opponent in the Government Operations Committee.

If the bill in congress passes, this means that Tennessee will be the first state to ban sports betting on all collegiate sports. While there are states that have similar limits, they are restricted to local state schools only, not a country-wide restriction. But looking at things, it might be a while before sports betting will be legal in Tennessee. To learn more about sports betting, we have gambling tutorials you can study.

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