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The Future of Sports Betting in the US

the future of sports betting in the USThe recently concluded World Cup has brought about profits in the millions. The UK has the largest market in legalized sports betting in the world. In local pubs, you could see people on their smartphones, placing bets before and during the matches. The betting options you could see on their apps were overwhelming, with some matches offering hundreds of betting options for that single game alone.

But betting on sports though the phone and online is not new to them. What has been increasing, is the number of mobile platforms and apps that can take bets in real time. You also see a rise in the use of social media as a way to find betting options. You could, for instance, tweet a bookie, and the bookie will reply with the odds, and a link for you to place your bet on.

If you have found the best sportsbook pay per head service, your bookie operation would be raking in a lot of bets from a wider audience.

Football has given bettors a lot of betting options, with the countless unpredictable moments that can happen – you have fouls, corners, passes, shots on target, tackles, and goals that can be very enticing for live sports betting, especially during the game. The tournament alone is estimated to have had a more than a billion and a half worth of bets in the UK.


And this can just as easily be applied to American sports, such as baseball and American football. With the variety of betting options available, plus the introduction of innovative technology, sportsbooks can turn in a lot of profit, especially now that the legalization of sports betting is slowly happening in the states of the USA.

By allowing online sports betting, people can simply log-in on a mobile website or an app, take a look at the betting options on the team or game they want to bet for, and keep track of how the game progresses. So if your game goes into penalties, or overtime, bettors can easily place their additional bets in real time.

And instead of going to brick and mortar establishments, bettors will now be able to place their bets wherever they are – at home, on the train, at the gym, or in their favorite sports bar, bookies have the opportunity to engage more potential bettors through the use of mobile phones and social media.

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