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Guide to Becoming an Independent Bookie

becoming an indepedent bookieBecoming an independent bookie today is easy with the help of pay per head solutions. You’ll have all the features and tools you need to run and maintain a successful sportsbook. Therefore, we provide you with a guide on how to become a bookie.

It is challenging to be an independent bookie because you’ll do everything on your own. Also, you compete with big sportsbook companies. So we provide bookie tutorials that can help you run the sports betting platform and make money out of it.

Becoming an Independent Bookie

If you opt to become an independent bookie, you’ll enjoy various advantages. You can offer higher bonuses to attract players. On the downside, you need to ensure you can afford to pay out the rewards.

Also, it would be best if you had sportsbook software to be an independent bookie. Unfortunately, the software is not cheap. It costs thousands of dollars if you buy it. However, the good news is that you can have a sports betting platform for as little as $5 per player.

With a pay per head solution, you don’t need to worry about monthly maintenance expenses of the server and software. Also, you reduce your overhead costs because there’s no need to hire handicappers, accountants, and other workers.

Independent bookies have different goals. Also, they have different ways of managing their players. But, despite the differences, they do have similarities. They need a reliable sportsbook platform that controls players’ betting options.

For instance, you need to limit players’ betting limits. Also, there are times when limiting their access is necessary to reduce risks. In addition, the sports betting software should also provide reports that can help you make the right decisions.

As you can see, a sportsbook PPH can help an independent bookie achieve his dream. It provides the bookie with a sports betting platform and support. Also, the PPH provider charges as little as $5 per player with no hidden fees.

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