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Step by Step on a Bookie Journey

Step by Step on a Bookie JourneyWant to become a bookie? It’s a journey, but the only way to grow your passing into a career is to start from the bottom. We’re going to walk through the necessary steps to begin your journey.

Step One - Analyze the Business Opportunity

Have you already spent time analyzing the bookmaking business?

 Here are some of the main things you need to consider if you’re looking to become a bookie.

Time: A small bookie can operate with part-time hours, but you can’t disappear for weeks.

Technology: Do you know what software/technology you need to operate an online bookie?

Market: How do you plan on marketing your sportsbook to find active players?

Money: There are weekly costs bookies need to cover on top of paying out winning players.



Expertise: Do you understand how betting markets work? Can you deal with people?

If you have enough time to launch your new business, we can move onto step two.

Step Two - Finding the Best Pay Per Head (PPH)

If you’ve done some research on what technology is required to launch a sports betting site, you’ve likely already come across several pay per head (PPH) services, which cater to sports bookies.

PPH services not only provide the sportsbook software, allowing you to run a website similar to BetOnline or Bovada, but they offer additional features to make your life easier.

Here’s a sampling of the features provided by a PPH service:

  1. Bookie/Player Support: They handle player support (24/7) and will help guide you.
  2. Accounting (Reports): Track profits, losses and more using the automated reports.
  3. Clerks: The clerks handle tasks such as grading bets.
  4. Oddsmakers: A team of oddsmakers will handle all of the betting lines for you.
  5. Website: The best PPH companies will design and then host your sportsbook site.

Step Three - Building a Player List

You want to have at least a few players ready to start betting before you sign-up to a PPH.

There are multiple reasons. For one, PPH services offer free trials, which would go to waste if you have no active bettors. Secondly, if no one is betting, there will be no reason to open shop.

Here are some tips for building your initial player list:

  1. Start With Friends/Family: Find out whether your friends or family are betting online. Let them know you can cut out the middleman and ensure they’re paid quickly.
  2. Expand Locally: The more players you can source locally, the better. Trying to compete with the big bookmakers online is tough, as they have massive marketing budgets.
  3. Online Marketing: Build a brand on social media. Become active on betting forums. Do what you can to get your name out there as a reliable bookie that pays fast.

Growing Your Business

Getting your first ten players can be more difficult than getting the next fifty players. As you grow and build your reputation, you’ll end up receiving a lot of word-of-mouth referrals.

If you want to succeed as a bookie, stay motivated early on and things will get much better once your player list starts growing. You’re not going to get rich overnight.

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