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A Guide to Volleyball Betting

Guide to Volleyball BettingVolleyball is one of the most fast paced sports in the world. Points are won and lost in a matter of seconds and when hits are fast and hard, there is a lot of excitement to be expected. Our Guide to Volleyball Betting will teach you how to bet on this sport.

Volleyball has a pretty big following, being played across the Americas, Europe and Asia.  However, it is the opposite when you talk about the betting population of the sport. 

According to several sports betting software, it is one of the smaller betting markets.  In essence, it makes it a very interesting sport to bet on because of it. 

With the sports’ rapid growth, people who bet on sports often wonder how to bet on volleyball as this is not a sport very common in sports betting. 


Volleyball Betting Tutorial

There are a few aspects of the game that you can bet on: Match Outcome, Point Spread, Point Totals and Handicaps. These 4 factors are the more common areas wherein betting is made according to most sportsbook pay per head reviews.

Type of Bets in Volleyball Betting

Match Outcome is the most common and easiest.  You just bet on who wins the match. The odds placed on teams determine the favorites and the underdogs of the match. Bets placed on underdogs have bigger winnings.

Point Spread makes the game a bit more interesting as it does not matter if a team wins or loses.  There are point spreads that are needed to be reached in order for a bet to win. The point spread set must be covered by a team in order for it to win in this type of betting. 

Betting on Point Totals means you are a fan of offense.  You like watching a team that scores.  In this type of betting, you bet on the total points scored between the two teams playing in the match. You will bet if the total score of the two teams will be over or below the number set by the oddsmakers.  This is interesting as it will not matter who wins or loses, the important thing is the number of points scored.

The Set Handicap is set on who wins each set.  This is a more unpredictable category as teams perform differently from set to set.

Volleyball is such a growing sport and the quality of games are continuously increasing. In fact, the FIVB just recently announced that athletes and coaches will now have access to e-learning platforms that discusses manipulation of the competition which proves that the sport is growing rapidly across the globe.  It is not beginning to tap into young athletes as FIVB has now begun several grassroots programs, the most recent one being in Niger.


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