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March Madness Betting Tips

March Madness Betting TipsThe NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament comes every year and it is an exciting time of the year for basketball fans. With 68 college basketball teams fighting for the Championship title, there is a lot of betting on it. In fact, last year sportsbooks saw over $15.5 billion in wagers from it. In this Basketball Betting tutorial, we will go over some of the best March Madness Betting Tips and Strategies.

Unlike the World Cup, which is a round robin tournament March Madness is a single-elimination bracket tournament. This means that it is a faster tournament and strong teams can lose early in the game. Of course, during March Madness it does not happen often, but it does happen.

Before you can start winning betting on college basketball, let’s talk about sportsbooks. Make sure to use multiple sportsbooks to place your March Madness bets.  This is because it will give you more basketball betting odds to choose from. A half-a-point difference in the spread or the odds can mean winning or losing your bet!

In addition, during March Madness, many bookies offer an entry in the March Madness bracket with a deposit. Thus, using multiple sportsbooks can give you more entries into March Madness pools.

March Madness Betting Tips and Statistics

Bet on the #1 Seed to Make the Elite 8 – If you are looking for a sure bet or as close as possible to one, this is it. This is because since 2014, only 2 teams have ever been out of the tournament before the Sweet 16 stage. Last but not least, only one #1 seed has ever lost in the first round. Therefore, this is a pretty sure bet to make if you do not mind paying the high cost of it.

March Madness Betting Tips and StatisticsBetting on the #1 Seed – Take that one with a grain of salt but since 1985, 64.86% of the #1 seed have won the championship. However, in 2023, all #1 seed were knocked out of the tournament before the Elite Eight stage.

The Home Court Advantage Still Matters – Paying attention as to where the game will take place remains important even in college basketball. According to sportsbook pay Per providers, some school will have to travel a long distance for their opening-round game. Thus, they will not be as fresh as teams playing close to home.

Betting on an Upset – Statistically speaking, if you are going to bet on an upset or a Cinderella story, bet on a #14 seed to win against a #3 seed. This is because they have the best odds at a sportsbook and the best odds to win your wager.

Always Check the pointspread – While Betting on a team because they have a higher seeding then another does matter. However, it does not mean this is a definite win for the higher seed. The spread reflects how much handicappers expect a team will win or lose by. Thus, the smaller the spread the more likely an upset can take place.

More March Madness Betting Strategies

  • Bet on Popular Coaches – While having great player is important to a team, coaches are even more important. In fact, there is a reason as to why some coaches repeatedly lead their team to the Elite 8 of the final 4.   
  • Don’t be Afraid to bet on the Underdog – One good strategy is to bet on the underdog on the money line. Of course, we are not saying to bet on every underdog but when you are in doubt. This is because betting the money line on an underdog has huge payouts and might be worth the risk.
  • Open your Own sportsbook – The house always wins. Thus, it might not be a bad idea to become a basketball bookie for the duration of March Madness. Of course, if you are going to open a basketball betting site, make sure to set betting limits you can afford!

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