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Betting on Soccer – A Bookie Guide to Soccer Sports Wagering

Betting on Soccer – A Bookie Guide to Soccer Sports WageringJust like any other sports, there are many ways to betting on soccer. It is a popular sport worldwide. In fact, there are many ways to wager on a single game. However, there are many matches to bet on every week, and many markets for every match.

Two teams composed of 11 players battle each other in a soccer game. In addition, it lasts 90 minutes that’s divided into two 45-minute halves. If the score is even after 90 minutes, teams play extra time depending on the rules of the league.

The goal of the sport is to score more than the other team. When it comes to betting on soccer, there are several markets to consider. In addition, there are various outcomes to look at that are not just decided by the final score. This gambling tutorial will help you understand the common betting types in soccer. 

Betting on Soccer Basic Types

There are three common betting types in soccer. In fact, they are similar to those you find in other sports. Totals and handicap betting are the same as in other sports. On the other hand, match outcome or 1X2 is similar to the Money Line in baseball wagering.

1. Totals

Totals betting on soccer doesn’t look at the winner of the match. Instead, you are betting on whether the total goals scored is over or under the number set by the pay per head bookie. That’s why it is also known as Over/Under Wager.

The totals market is the total goals scored by both teams. However, some pay per head sportsbooks also accept bets on individual team goals and first-half totals.

2. Handicap

Handicap betting on soccer is the same as predicting the results of the match. However, it involves the bookie applying a goal handicap to balance the abilities of the two teams. The favorites have a negative handicap and the underdogs get a positive advantage.

3. Match Outcome

Match outcome or 1X2 is betting on the actual results of the match. 1 is a home win, X is a draw, and 2 is an away win. These are the three options for this betting type. The only difference 1X2 has over Money Line betting is the draw. Typical soccer matches simply end as a draw and don’t go into overtime.

You need to know how to bet on soccer if you dream of becoming a bookie someday. Learning about the common wagering types is the first step in creating your own lines and accepting bets from punters.

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