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Guide to Fading when Betting on Sports

Guide to Fading when Betting on SportsYou consider yourself a man on the world and even place the occasional sports wager to make conversations more interesting. However, your betting knowhow came to an end when your buddies were talking about fading the public. Well, here is your chance to catch up on the conversation with our Guide to Fading when Betting on Sports!

Definition of Fade in Gambling - In gambling terms, Fading is slang for betting against a specific person or team. However, the definition will vary depending on the type of gambling you are doing. In casinos, it refers to gambling against the person holding the dice. For those that play poker, it refers to matching the previous bet.

However, for sports betting, the term “fade” or “fade them” means to bet against a team or handicapper. The theory behind a Fade is that everyone has winning streaks but like any streak, they will eventually fade. Therefore, it is just a matter of determining when it will disappear.

Guide to Fading when Betting on Sports – 3 Top Fading Strategies

Fading the Public – This is a popular strategy amongst professional sports gamblers that involves betting against the public perception of which team will win. The theory is that after the house always wins and that the betting public is wrong more often then right.

The reason is because the public usually bet on a team due to emotions or the recent performance of a team. According to bookie pay per head guides, this will affect the lines as the sportsbook is trying to even out the betting on both sides. Thus, fading the public will have some very advantageous odds that can lead to bigger profits.

The trick to successfully fading the public is betting on a large market where the public sentiment is overwhelmingly behind one person or team.

Fading a Team – There are many reasons to fade a team as most teams go thru highs and lows during a season. If you can recognize such pattern, you can make a pretty good profit from it. One the most popular way to fad a team is when they are a consistently losing. Especially when it is a good tea, that is losing a lot and the media is bashing on them. Thus, the public begins to always bet against them and you can find some good value betting on them at your local sportsbook.

Fading a Handicapper – Many sports handicappers are all about making a big show to make themselves looks good. Even when they lose, they still say they are winning by using terms like lock, max unit, game of the year and so on. If you find a handicapper that uses a lot of terms like that and losses more than wins then they are perfect fade!

The Pros and Cons of Fading


  • Bigger Payouts when Your Wager Wins – The most obvious con of fading is that you get better betting odds on your bet.
  • Smaller Risk: You can wager smaller amounts to reduce risk.


  • Time-Consuming: Gathering insights into each sports market takes effort and research.
  • Risk of Being Wrong: Betting against the majority means you might be on the losing side if the crowd favorite wins.

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