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How to Wager on English Premier League Betting Guide

How to Wager on English Premier League Betting GuideThe English Premier League is one of the most popular tournaments worldwide. It attracts millions of players yearly. If you want to start betting on EPL games, then read our English Premier League betting guide.

The English Premier League is where top clubs play, including Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Arsenal. Aside from the EPL, the top teams compete in European tournaments and football cups. Thus, they earn billions of dollars each year.

English Premier League Betting Guide

According to sports betting software reports, there EPL offers various betting options. Some wagering options include Match Results, Total Goals or Over/Under, First Goal Scorer, Both Teams to Score, and Asian and European Handicaps.

One of the most popular betting options is the Winner Market. You can bet on which team will finish on top at the end of the season. A sportsbook pay per head can open the market even before the start of the season.

What makes the option popular is that even underdogs can win against favorites. In 2015, Leicester City was a 5000/1 underdog during the start of the season. Despite that, it finished at the top of the standings.

Another popular betting option is the Top 4 Finish. In the last couple of years, Manchester City and Liverpool dominated the field. However, Liverpool is nowhere near the top this year. Thus, you only need to guess three other teams that will finish at the top of the standings.

Another betting option is Premier League Relegation. It can be tricky because a successful team might find itself at the bottom of the following year's standings. The safe bets are the newly promoted teams from the EFL. However, it would be best to consider groups that barely avoid relegation during the previous year.

These are the betting options for every English Premier League game. With that many options available, you can only guess how bookies make money with each fixture.

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