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Streaksmarts Review – A Sports Handicapping Rip Off

Streaksmarts is a rip offWe thought we would vary our reviews this week by checking out a sports handicapping website called

For those who have been betting on sports for a while, we all know how difficult it is to find a good sports handicapper that has a steady win ratio on a weekly basis.

The majority of the good handicappers average between 55% to 65% win ratio, if you bet on all of his picks every week.

This means that you have to be consistent. We know the game as some of the people on our staff do quite well making a living betting on sports.

So we decided to pay for his 3 months package from September 2014 through November 2014 for the price of $125. Picks Results

The first month was definitively not a good month for Streaksmarts as we ended up with a 45% win ratio.

The second month was a bit better with a 47.6% win ratio but we were still losing money using their picks.

On the third month, enough was enough with an abysmal 36.43% win ratio.

Now, we understand that a sports handicapper can have a bad month but three months in a row is unacceptable for a professional sports handicapper.

So we asked him for our money back and someone called, Jimmy answered back basically saying that there is no refund and that he just had a bad football season. When I asked him about why the numbers on his website showed that he had a good season so far, he told me some bullcrap about being in terms of units.

This made no sense to us since a loss is a loss whether you count it in terms of units or in terms of win/loss. In short,

Jeffrey Hamstra is a Fraud and a Rip-Off

Since we got ripped off big time and he would not refund our money, we decided to ask around about this character and wow! The negative responses about him were tremendous. We sent out a mailer to several people in the industry and no one had anything good to say about Jeffrey Hamstra.

According to 3 different sportsbooks, he has played with, he is known for making Credit Card and Paypal payments and when he losses, likes to make charge backs.  On top of that, when he had been asked about these chargebacks from these sportsbooks, he actually contacted some of their agents and started asking them questions and making threats to them.  Let's just say that these sportsbooks would love to get a hold of him and all major sportsbooks have him black listed.

The aftermath

One thing we noticed is that after we had signed-up, we started receiving a lot of spam mail from various sportsbooks. So we decided to see if he was selling our name to people by setting up 15 new email accounts and sign up for his newsletter.

Sure enough, within 15 days, all of the new email accounts we had created started receiving spam mails from different sportsbooks. So be aware that this person sells your information.

To close this review, stay away from StreakSmarts and Jeffrey Hamstra (AKA Jimmiy Streaks) as not only is his handicapping service a rip off, he also sells your information to the highest bidder.

Streaksmarts Information

url: and
Owner: Jeffrey Hamstra aka Jimmy Streaks
Telephone: 1-330-612-4498
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Still don't believe us to beware of streaksmarts?  Check out this other review at

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