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BetMayor Sportsbook Review - Updated


May 4, 2015 BetMayor Update - In the last few months, we have been receiving some disturbing news about BetMayor.  The complaints have been about payout issues, BetMayor beeing acquired by Media-Tech Inc., and about ownership and player funds.

Due to this disturbing information, we advise anyone not to deposit with them until further news is out about their financial stability.

Published on  8/12/2014 - As the football season is rapidly approaching, every sportsbook in the world is out trying to catch the rush by sending out thousands of emails and doing tons of advertising. I’m sure that all of you already know about it as you check your email every day!

A few weeks ago, I received an offer for a 100% Cash Bonus from this sportsbook I have never heard of called,

With a bonus of 100% Cash, it caught my attention but it also raised several red flags in my mind as that is a huge bonus which is usually given out by bookmakers that are out to scam you, new sportsbooks or books that have low limits and high rollovers.

So I did a bit of checking around on the internet to see if anyone had ever heard of this place. Since it is a new book, which started last year, the reviews are mixed but in general, they seem to be legitimate operation in Costa Rica.

From what I have read on forums, they do payout in a timely manner you just have to watch out for their rules about what type of bets qualify for the rollover such as, “Bets that count towards the rollover are straight bets on the full game, with lines between -200 and +140, baseball counts as half action. Halves, quarters, live time bets, props and futures, parlays, teasers or combined bets dont count towards the rollover. Casino, racing and horses do not count either.” taken directly from the BetMayor terms and condition page.

So with that in mind, I took the plunge and opened an account with them. Within an hour of opening an account, their sales department called me and gave me the usual depositing speech. I ended up depositing $500 via MG(credit cards are a pain when it comes time to get a payout in all books) for a 100% Cash Bonus.

The lines are decent and they have a pretty good customer service. I actually ended up making a reload of $300 and was able to get a 30% Cash Bonus out of it.

Yesterday, I ended up with a balance of $700 and asked for a $500 payout. I am happy to report that I just received it today without any hassle.

Would I recommend them to anyone else?

So far my answer is yes but since they are new book, I recommend them to recreational players that do not make large wagers, I’m talking about the $200-$300 max range.

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