Copyright 2024 - 2010-2018 All Rights Reserved SportsbookSOS - Your Sportsbook Watchdog Sportsbook Review Sportsbook is a sportsbook that has a reputation for having excellent service since 1999 and we thought that we would check on that reputation as back in 2012, this company known for having mostly players the bet sports online had some financial troubles.

It was however purchased thereafter by and has since recovered and is back in the family of top sportsbooks once again. Bonuses

This sportsbook offers many different gambling options and services that include the regular sportsbook, live betting, racebook, digital casino, live dealer casino, poker, financial betting and a racebook that offers a $25 free play bonus and a 7% horse rebate.

In terms of bonuses, they are a few options that players can choose when they first open an account such as their 50% welcome bonus, a free $25 Live betting bonus or a free $50 mobile betting bonus.  If you are a casino bonus, it is worth it to look at their hughe 200% casino bonus.

They also have seasonal bonus such as the NHL reduced Juice and the MLB dime lines. 

We opened the account with $300 and since we knew that it is a sportsbook with a solid reputation and back, we took the 25% bonus for life instead of the 50% bonus as we intended to add this bookmaker to our list of regular plays.

Banking Options from

One way to know how the sportsbook is doing is by the number of options available for making a deposit.  Since it does take quite a bit of money to offer several banking options and that most companies will only offer their banking services to sportsbooks that have a solid reputation, we knew we could trust it.  Some of the banking options include: credit cards, person-to-person transactions, money order, Skrill bitcoin and many more.

Since we opened our account during the NBA playoffs and the start of the MLB season, we had lots of betting options to choose from.  Even though the live betting did not have as many games available as we expected, the application was spot on and easy to use.

Unfortunately, lady luck or our sports handicapping experts did not do so well and ended up losing our bankroll in less than a week. Their sales department however were on the ball as two days later we received  phone call to reload our account.  Since we have been around the block a bit, we refused to reload until they offered us a 30% bonus on a deposit of $500.

Yes, we were back in business.  This time around, we did much better staying away from the live betting and sticking to normal straight bets and a couple of parlays here and there.  In two weeks time, we hade doubled our money and easily rolled over the bonus. Payout

We asked for a payout on a Wednesday for $750 and received it on friday.  No hassle at all about the payout and the service was quite professional.  Of course, we funded our account using a WU transaction as we did not want to have a 30 day hold if we had used a credit card.


We certainly do recommend this book for anyone looking to bet on sports at a solid organization.

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