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Sexy Female Poker Players

Although the game of poker can be all about brains and emotions, beauty can certainly make an appearance at the table more often than not.

Indeed, there are a number of top female poker players around the world that have been able to combine beauty and brains together in a combination that will only make some of the mere mortals amongst us rather jealous and raging with envy.

However, players who go up against these sexy women when playing against them around the poker table should be on their toes, as these individuals are still some of the best female poker players to be currently playing the card game professionally.

Here are just some of the most attractive women that could be sitting across from you at a poker table near you in the future:


Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa Rousso

It would be wise not to succumb to the attractive looks that Vanessa Russo is blessed with, as she also has the brain to make sure that she is taking home the prize pot on more occasions than she does not. Her smartness is only further highlighted by the fact that she graduated the University of Miami with a law degree and became a lawyer that helped shape the gambling landscape in regards to the poker scene.

Throughout her career, she has been able to make over $3.5 million in earnings and is one competitor who has been able to place inside the top 500 earners within the game of Poker.

On at least nine occasions, she has managed to take home more than $100K from poker tournaments that has she has been involved in.

However, her top prize came back in 2009 when she won the European High Roller Championship. This win fetched her a cool $700,160. Her successes has seen her sponsored by the likes of GoDaddy and Pokerstars in the past.


Maria Ho

Maria HoMaria Ho is perhaps one of the most popular female poker players to be within the professional circuit and she is definitely one of the sexist. Having started her professional poker career back in 2005, she has managed to win eight top competitions and has earned over $4 million to date.

The Taiwan-born player has made a name for herself on TV and in poker rooms around the world. Indeed, her 38th-place finish out of 6,358 competitors in 2007 made her a star as it was the highest a female poker player had ever been able to finish at the time; a day in which she also managed to make $237,865.

Beauty knows no bounds, though, as Ho continues to have a successful career in the poker scene as a player, but also as a commentator.


Liv Boeree

Liv BoereeNicknamed the Iron Maiden, British poker player Liv Boeree would certainly have to be considered one of the sexist poker players the professional game has seen. Again, her brains are what have made her a star as she is able to call on accolades such as being a World Series of Poker and European Poker Tour champion. She is also the only female to have won the converted WSOP bracelet.

One of her biggest wins came in the European Poker Tour main event, as she took home €1,250,000. She has also won various other competitions, such as the $10,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em Championship in 2017.

Just like many of the other sexiest female poker players, Boeree has shown her intellect is of the highest levels as she managed to graduate from the University of Manchester with a degree in Physics and Astrophysics.

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