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Gambling & Sportsbook Reviews Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review Sportsbook Pay Per Head is a Bookie Pay Per Head Software and Services company that caters to bookies around the globe. Even though they have only been in business since 2023, their staff has decades of experience in the online gambling industry. In our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review, we try out their software, services and betting platform.

According to their website, the Sportsbook pay per head software was made by bookies and bettors. Thus, the pay per head interface is contains features that are actually useful for bookies. In addition, the sportsbook player interface is focuses on giving players an excellent player betting experience.

However, is this just a bookie marketing hype or are they the real deal? Here is what we found out after giving them a thorough pay per head review.


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Sports Betting News

Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Career Ends After Emma Raducanu Withdraws from Mixed Doubles

andy murrayAndy Murray’s Wimbledon career ended after his mixed doubles partner, Emma Raducanu, withdrew from the competition. According to bookie pay per head experts, she has issues with her right wrist. Murray also announced retiring after competing at Wimbledon and the Summer Olympics.

Murray was set to play in mixed doubles as his final match at the grass-court Grand Slam tournament. However, he withdrew from singles on June 22 after undergoing surgery to remove a cyst from his spine. He then lost with his elder brother Jamie in the first round of men's doubles.

Due to a string of injuries, she put her career on hold after winning the 2021 U.S. Open in a qualifying round when she was 18. In 2023, Raducanu underwent surgeries on her ankle, both wrists and left leg. On Sunday, she will face off against New Zealand's Lulu Sun in the fourth round of singles play.

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Gambling Industry News

Legal Online Sports Betting in Nebraska Update

Legal Online Sports Betting in Nebraska UpdateSports Betting in Nebraska has been legal since 2021. However, it is only available for in-person sports betting at retail sportsbooks. Thus, sports betting in the Husker state is very limited and gaming officials in Nebraska want to change that. According to the latest Legal Online Sports Betting in Nebraska Update, there might be a chance that it will happen in 2025.

A coalition of licensed operators in Nebraska has urged Gov. Jim Pillen and state legislators to engage in discussions regarding a proposed online sports betting bill. The bill has the potential to generate an extra $30 million in annual revenue, which could be allocated towards property tax relief.

Ho Chunk Inc., the parent company of WarHorse Gaming, is also calling on lawmakers to deliberate on legislation that would authorize a constitutional amendment during a special session scheduled for July 25th.

Furthermore, several lawmakers in Nebraska agree that online sports betting is worth considering. State Senator Terrell McKinney (D-North Omaha), among the mere 15 Democrats in the 49-seat Legislature, concurs with certain legislators in the Republican-controlled unicameral chamber agrees.

According to an interview with KETV, he said “We’re missing out because we want to be the ‘nanny state’.”

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Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Everything you need to know about Gambling

Learn everything there is to know about the gambling industry from how to bet on sports to how to be a bookie by opening a website with a sportsbook pay per head and more

Latest Gambling Tutorial

Volleyball Betting Strategies

Volleyball Betting StrategiesUnknown to many people, volleyball is one of the most popular sports on the planet. In fact, in terms of popularity on a worldwide basis, it ranks fifth with over 900 million fans around the world. Therefore, it is not a surprise that volleyball betting also has a strong following. While it is easy to make simple bet on volleyball, it is not easy to make a profit from it. Therefore, in this sports betting tutorial, we teach you the best Volleyball Betting Strategies and Tips to increase your profits.

Volleyball betting in Asia and Europe is more popular than in other markets. However, gambling statistics show that more professional volleyball leagues are beginning to gain more popularity. Thus, you can expect to see volleyball gambling to increase in more places.

However, it does not mean there are not many events to bet on volleyball. On the contrary, there are hundreds of volleyball leagues and national teams and events to bet on. Thus, there are many websites where people can bet on volleyball today.

How to Bet on Volleyball

If you are reading this sports betting tutorial, you probably already know how to bet on volleyball. However, if you do not, no worries. It is as it is fairly simple and uses the same principles as any other sports bet.

As long as you can read volleyball betting odds, you will be fine as long as you understand the main types of volleyball wagers.

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MLB Baseball Betting Strategies – Betting on the Favorite

MLB Baseball Betting Strategies – Betting on the FavoriteWe are almost halfway thru the 2024 MLB season and things could not get more exciting for baseball fans. For baseball betting fans, the halfway point is when they have a better understanding of the rotation of each team and how they will fare for the rest of the season. Despite this knowledge, not everyone is able to make a profit from wagering on the MLB. Therefore, we present our MLB Baseball Betting Strategies on betting on the favorite.

First, what is a favorite team for sportsbooks? The favorite is the team that sportsbooks believe has the best chance of winning the game. For bettors, this is the team that gives you better betting odds of winnings but a worst return. Amateur gamblers often believe that betting on the favorite team to win is the best choice.

While it may seem like that at first, that is often not the case. This is because betting a baseball favorite on the favorite baseball team on the money line, the cost is not advantageous. Especially when the money line is at -200 or above as you have to risk more to win less. Thus, the profit margin is low and one loss could ruin it all. This is why so many people want to become a baseball bookie as the house sets the odds and have the advantage.

However, that is not the end of the story as there are and strategies to get around that.  

MLB Baseball Betting Strategies – Strategies for Betting on the Favorite

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Take a Break from Sports with Hot Sexy Girls

While we love talking about sports, sports wagering, and anything that relates to gambling, sometimes it good to take a breather with topics that have nothing to do with sports betting!

Latest Sexy Girls

Top NFL Cheerleaders of 2023

nfl cheerleadersGet ready football fans, because the top NFL cheerleaders of 2023 will take the field and blow you away! These talented and beautiful women have been handpicked for their incredible dance moves, infectious energy, and stunning looks. From the sidelines to the halftime show, they bring an electrifying atmosphere to every game. With their perfectly synchronized routines and captivating smiles, these top NFL cheerleaders embody beauty and grace.

But it is not just their looks make these sexy girls stand out. They are also incredibly talented dancers who train tirelessly to deliver unforgettable performances week after week. Their passion for the sport and dedication to their craft is evident in every move they make. Whether leading the crowd in a cheer or performing a jaw-dropping routine, these cheerleaders know how to keep the energy high and the fans engaged.

The dazzling outfits of these gorgeous girls are indeed a sight to behold! As they confidently take over the field, their attire adds to their already impressive presence, making them an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. As a result, some of them even make it to global news articles.

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Sexy Female Poker Players

Although the game of poker can be all about brains and emotions, beauty can certainly make an appearance at the table more often than not.

Indeed, there are a number of top female poker players around the world that have been able to combine beauty and brains together in a combination that will only make some of the mere mortals amongst us rather jealous and raging with envy.

However, players who go up against these sexy women when playing against them around the poker table should be on their toes, as these individuals are still some of the best female poker players to be currently playing the card game professionally.

Here are just some of the most attractive women that could be sitting across from you at a poker table near you in the future:

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