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Shin Hwa World Wants to Raise $39 Million to Improve the Jeju Integrated Resort

shin hwa worldShin Hwa World Ltd has unveiled a strategic plan to reorganize its capital, which is expected to enhance its financial structure. Additionally, the company aims to raise approximately $39 million to bolster the staffing and facilities of its Jeju Shinhwa World. This initiative includes a share consolidation, where every ten shares of HK$0.01 will merge into a HK$0.10 share, a step that will streamline the company's share structure and potentially increase shareholder value.

There will be a capital reduction where the shareholders’ issued share capital will be rounded to the nearest whole number. As a result, fractions within consolidated shares are canceled. The surplus will be part of the firm’s account.

According to PPH sportsbook reports, Shin Hwa World predicted a surplus of about $5.8 million due to this move.

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What are the 3 Major Horse Racing Events for Bettors

What are the 3 Major Horse Racing Events for BettorsWith the Kentucky Derby right around the corner, now is as good a time as any to talk about horse racing. Specifically, about the 3 Major Horse Racing Events that everyone in the U.S. knows about. Despite hundreds of horse racing events taking place every week, only a few of them standout to the public. Yes, we are talking about the 3 Major Horse Racing Events that make up the Triple Crown of Horse Racing.  

Also known as the Crown jewel of horse racing, these 3 Major Horse races are the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

Amongst these 3 races, the Kentucky Derby generates by far margin the most interest when it comes to horse betting. Last year, racebooks got to see $188.7 million in horse wagers during the Kentucky Derby. Considering that it is the most prestigious horse race in the U.S. it is not a surprise that it generates the most money.

However, it does not mean that the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes are not big moneymakers for bookies. While not as many bets get made on the Preakness Stakes, it still generates about $50 million in horse wagers. Respectively, the Belmont Stakes also generates a $53.2 million horse betting handle.

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Caitlin Clark Led Iowa to Women’s College Basketball Final

caitlin clark led iowaCaitlin Clark led Iowa to win against UConn 71-69 on Friday. Thus, she can end her college basketball career with a national title. She scored 21 points, gave out seven assists, and got nine rebounds. Iowa will face South Carolina in the March Madness Tournament Women’s Championship game.

As the all-time top scorer in major college basketball in the United States, Clark has become a legendary figure who has brought women's basketball national prominence.

According to the preferred sportsbook pay per head, women's Final Four tickets are resold at higher prices than men's games. This clearly indicates the attention Clark's achievements have given to the women's game.

After last year's final, in which Louisiana State defeated Iowa, Clark offered herself the opportunity to end her collegiate career on a high note by becoming the champion. With Huskies' Nika Muhl stifling her, Clark shot 3-for-11 from the field and 0-for-6 from beyond the arc in the first half, resulting in only six points for Clark.

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Mark Pope Named as New Kentucky Basketball Coach

Mark Pope has been appointed the new Kentucky basketball coach. Notably, he served as the 1996 national championship squad captain and has successfully led the BYU basketball program for the past five seasons. His selection comes after several candidates turned down the offer, a testament to his exceptional qualifications.

new kentucky basketball coachKentucky did not announce the agreement's details. However, sources informed a preferred sportsbook pay per head on Thursday that the parties were nearing the end of a five-year pact.

Pope takes over for the departing Hall of Fame coach John Calipari, who left for the Arkansas Razorbacks last week following fifteen seasons in Lexington. Under Calipari's direction, the Wildcats made it to the Final Four of the March Madness Tournament no less than four times and won the title in 2012.

Pope coached the BYU Cougars for five seasons, during which time they were 110–52 and made it to two NCAA tournaments. They went 23-11 in their inaugural year of the Big 12 in 2023–24, which was better than anybody had anticipated. They tied for fifth place in the conference.

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Arkansas Won the Series Against LSU after Extra-Innings in Game 2

arkansas won the series against lsuLSU headed into Game 2 against Arkansas looking to even the series. However, Arkansas won the series as the team walked it off in extra frames 4-3. It came despite LSU scoring the game's first runs in the third inning and getting a 2-0 lead.

With a three-run home run off of Luke Holman in the bottom of the fourth inning, the Razorbacks took a 3-2 lead. Starting pitcher Holman lasted only 4.1 innings before being removed from the game. It was a three-run performance with five hits, five walks, and five strikeouts. Griffin Herring entered the game in the fifth inning to save the Tigers from a jam.

According to baseball news reports, Ashton Larson's sacrifice fly in the top of the sixth inning loaded the bases and tied the game at three-three. The following play, a double play, however, ended any more scoring opportunities for LSU.

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Maryland Lawmakers Plans on Rebuilding the Pimlico Race Course

Maryland Lawmakers Plans on Rebuilding the Pimlico Race CourseThe Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, MD is a famous and historic thoroughbred horse racetrack. Amongst those that bet on horses, it is famous for hosting the Preakness Stakes, which is the second leg of the prestigious Triple Crown. However, big changes are coming as Maryland Lawmakers Plans on Rebuilding the Pimlico Race Course.

Yestedday, Maryland lawmakers gave their approval to rebuild the Pimlico Race Course and to also put the ownership of the racetrack under the control of the state. Thus, the legislation also calls for the transfer of Pimlico from the Stronach Group, the current owners of Pimlico and nearby Laurel Park, to a newly established not-for-profit organization operating under the province.

Furthermore, the measure would then use $400 million in state bonds to put their plan into effect.

According to horse racing news, the motion passed 105-32 vote in the Maryland House. Now, they will send the bill to Gov. Wes Moore, who has expressed support for it.


 History of the Pimlico Race Course

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The History of eSports Betting

The History of eSports BettingBetting on sports has been around for a very long time with some of the earliest records dating back to ancient Greece when spectators would place bet on which gladiator would win the fight.  Since then, sports betting has evolved into a complex machine that let’s anyone bet on pretty much anything.

Over the past decade and the development of the internet and new technologies, betting on sports has added several new ways to gamble like live dealer casinos, live betting and virtual sports betting. Now, one of the latest gambling trends that has become increasingly more popular in the past few years is eSports betting.

Of course, some may argue that eSports is not a real sport and should be classified as a competition.  However, an increasing majority of people like John Skipper, the president of ESPN, consider it a sport.  This is because to be a professional eSports athlete requires tremendous motor skills and tactical understanding.

And since it is a sport, people will bet on it!

A short History of eSports

For those who are not familiar with e-sports, it pretty much started as simple competitions between fans of video games that go as far back as the 1970s when games would get together and hold private competitions for games like “Spacewar” in 1972 to the famous “Space Invaders Championship” held by Atari in 1980.

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