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Using Location-Based Marketing to Promote Bookie Business

Using Location-Based Marketing to Promote Bookie BusinessLocation-based marketing sends targeted marketing messages to potential players in specific locations. They will receive notifications via mobile devices. People receive this type of marketing message when they check in to a business or neighborhood. Also, they engage with the location-based message when they search for local sportsbooks.

Some popular location-based services include Facebook Places, Yelp, Zomato, and Google My Business. The last one provides a list of businesses relevant to their search terms. Also, the list includes basic info about the companies.

Zomato and Yelp offer more sophisticated services. Also, they offer special discounts and offers for nearby businesses. A bookie software provider can use a location-based platform to increase player-base.

Using Location-Based Marketing

Geo-targeted marketing delivers messages to potential and existing players when they are physically close to the business.


There are many reasons why you should consider using location marketing for your bookie business. The first reason is that it is free and highly targeted. Every time you register for a business page on a location-based platform, you are getting free marketing opportunities. Although some platforms are not free, they are worth every dollar you pay for their services.

Location-based platforms allow you to know your existing players better. User reviews tell you what your customers are thinking about your sportsbook. You’ll also learn about their preferences through the take-up rates of promos.

Also, it rewards loyal players. Keeping existing players is more complicated than trying to attract a new one. Check-ins allows you to identify loyal players and reward them with bonuses, recognition, or special treatment.

Lastly, you’ll attract new players. According to a sportsbook watchdog, it is the best way to convert foot traffic into new players. Although people might not know about your bookie business, you can persuade them to sign up through location marketing.

These are the things to consider when attracting new players through location marketing. It would be best if you also considered knowing what is a sportsbook pay per head.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

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