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NCAAB Betting Odds and Lines

NCAAB Betting Odds and LinesIt’s time to look at NCAAB betting odds and lines.

Key Points

- Betting on college basketball is popular and gets even more exciting around tournament time.

- Understanding NCAAB betting odds and lines is one of the first steps to college basketball betting success

NCAAB Betting Odds and Lines

When March rolls around each year, bettors typically get much more interested in NCAAB betting odds and lines. College basketball is one of the more exciting sports to bet on. We enjoy providing you with a basketball betting tutorial.

That excitement ramps up around the time that conference tournaments and the NCAA tournament begin. Being able to capitalize on college basketball betting begins with understanding odds, lines, and the different types of bets.




Betting the Moneyline

The most basic of all wagers in the moneyline bet. Bettors are simply placing a bet on a team to win. The score doesn’t matter, only which team wins and which one loses. Here’s an example.

            Texas A&M     +460    +10 (-110)       O 152.5 (-105)

            Alabama          -550     -10 (-110)        U 152.5 (-110)

To make sure we understand how to read NCAAB betting odds and lines, we can use the above game. Alabama is the favorite (indicated by the minus sign) to beat Texas A&M. 

The moneyline is presented first. Alabama is favored by -550 on the moneyline. To win $100 on the Crimson Tide, a bettor must wager $550. If the Tide wins, the bettor receives $650 (the initial stake plus the winnings).

If the underdog wins, a bettor would have needed to put up $100 to win $460 on the Aggies. That $100 bet would pay out a total of $560. You can normally find great offshore betting odds at online sportsbooks.

Betting the Spread

In the above example, the second column reveals the point spread. Betting NCAA Basketball point spreads is a favorite for even the most novice bettor. Alabama is the favorite and must win by more than 10 points for a bet on the Tide to pay out. The -10 is the line on the game and the -110 is the odds.

A bettor must wager $110 to win $100 on either side of the bet. For a winner on the Tide, Alabama must win by at least 11 points. A winning bet on the Aggies needs Texas A&M to lose by nine or less or win outright.

Be sure to use multiple sportsbooks. When betting the spread, you can shop for the best line. How many times have you lost a bet by half a point? When you bet sports online, line shopping is easy.

NCAAB Betting Odds and Lines - Totals

Bettors can also wager on NCAAB game totals. The last column reveals the line - 152.5 - on the total as well as the odds. The odds on the Under are -105 and they are -110 on the Over. 

It’s a simple bet where the bettor wagers on the combined score of a game going Over or Under the set total , which in the case of our example is 152.5. According to the odds, bettors would have to wager $105 to win $100 on the Under and $110 to win $100 on the Over.

Other NCAA Basketball Bets

College basketball bettors can also wager on futures bets and prop bets. The most popular futures bet is on the NCAA national champion. Early in a season, bettors will find favorites between +300 to +900 meaning a $100 bet would pay out between $300 and $900. 

Bettors can also wager on individual players via prop bets. These bets can be found along with moneyline, spread, and totals bets for most any game. 

The key to success in college basketball betting starts with understanding the different bets, the lines, and odds.

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