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Sports Betting - Selectivity Can Be Your Best Friend

Sports Betting - Selectivity Can Be Your Best Friend There may be a tendency on the part of some sports bettors to look at what they have in front of them in a sportsbook interface like a kid in a candy shop. There is so much at your fingertips that it is difficult to pass it all up. 

Yet in all likelihood you will  have to do just that in order to have any measure of success at this endeavor.

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We mean that.

One of the things you have at your disposal that can be used to your advantage is that you can PICK the games you wager on, while the house basically has to post everything. 

This is the principle of "selectivity," in which you are going to be very careful and discriminating as to which of the menu items you are going to put your money on.


One of the handicappers I was around at one time used to tell his customers "Games are the enemy." And you know what? He's actually right. Of course, for his purposes (which was to get money out of potential customers he pitched) he wanted as few a number of games as possible, so as to look successful if he could hit just a couple of games.


But yes, the principle is sound. 

Remember, if you're talking football or basketball, you are generally laying -110 as a standard. And that 11-to-10 can eat you up as you continue to move along. And the more games you play, the more of that "juice" you're going to have to overcome. 

If you are going to play a lot of games, you better have the edge consistently. Otherwise, you're going to find yourself behind the eight-ball. 

So how does this manifest itself into what you're doing on a week-to-week basis? Well, it means that if you are in the habit of jumping on all the games that are on television, you may want to consider getting out of it. That habit tends to get more dangerous all the time, because there are more and more on TV. 

And the temptations are out there for those that like sports and gambling, for sure. Take the typical NFL schedule, for instance. You've got the Thursday night game in front of you, in a showcase format. There are going to be some Saturday games as well. Then of course, there are the Sunday games, with a number of them starting at 1 PM Eastern time and others around the 4 PM hour. 

Then, after you've been bombarded with all of that, you are confronted by the Sunday night game, which - GEE - looks like it was created for the purpose of allowing you to assess where you are with your bets for the day, with an hour or so to make a decision before kickoff. 

Then after all of that, there is the Monday night game, perfectly positioned as a "bailout" game.

As if all of that isn't enough, aside from the college football schedule, which has games starting at all times of the day on Saturday, also stages stand-alone events on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And you simply can't pass up stuff like that, can you? It will make you a smarter bettor!

We assume you're catching on to what we're saying, which is not necessarily that the TV networks are in concert with the gambling industry. But then again, in a sense it is, because there is the acknowledgment (whether it is open or not) that interest on some of these games is generated, or accelerated, by wagering. 

These people are not your enemy; they're just putting numbers out there, like they have to. But yeah, maybe the games themselves are the enemy, like my old friend would explain. 

Your best weapon is the ability to say "No" on those you would be betting on just for the sake of itself, and "Yes" to those select few that really make sense to you, as if you weren't going to watch anything at all.

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